Vivienne Hu F/W 2019

Veronica Liow, Senior Multimedia Editor

If Alice in Wonderland were to step into New York City, become a young professional, and attend lavish networking events, Vivienne Hu’s Fall/Winter 2019 would be in her closet without a doubt.

New-York based Parsons School of Design alumna Hu is not new to New York Fashion Week — her shows having run since September 2014. Previously, she was in the investment banking industry, and her experience watching women dress uniformly in the corporate setting motivated her designs.

Vivienne Hu explained, “In the corporate world I see women lose their personal style for the sake of professionalism […] My vision is to break open this forced box by bridging the gap between personality and professionalism.”

Most notable was Hu’s innovative incorporation of colorful plaids and floral lace in her newest offerings. Such textiles may not be new fashion industry, but Hu was able to take her looks to the next level with the texture and spice these prints added.

In Look 31, known as Magic Castle, the greyscale asymmetrical plaid dress with bold black and red stripes fitted snugly over the multi-layered fringe that garnished the long sleeves. Hu carefully harmonized and curated all of the different textures and prints, resulting in a look that looked polished rather than overwhelming. Her ability to create this careful equilibrium has been a key to her success in the fashion industry.

Hu’s closing look, Amber, had the audience taking out their phones to snap pictures. The gown was reminiscent of the talking flowers in Alice in Wonderland. What began with a rich purple V-neck that blossomed into a beautiful array of floral in various pink and purple hues.

Overall, Hu’s designs were striking. The collection liberates women in the corporate world from bland professionalism. It will be interesting to see how Hu will continue to redefine the ensemble of the professional woman.

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