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Study Abroad Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

A list of scholarships that can help make your study away dreams come true.
The Old Town Square in Prague, one of NYU’s study abroad destinations. (via NYU Tisch)

Studying abroad is transformative, but it can also be financially stressful. If you are planning to go abroad for a semester or a whole year, you have probably chosen your location partially because you want to explore the city and the country. It’s also likely that you would love the opportunity to travel within the surrounding region as well. While studying abroad comes with the same tuition of studying at the Washington Square campus, you need to also account for travel-related expenses. With the Feb. 15 application deadline for fall 2019 study abroad approaching, we compiled a list of study abroad scholarships, both through NYU and outside groups, to consider when planning your experience:

Global Pathways Scholarship
If you have applied and been admitted to one of NYU’s study abroad locations for fall, spring or an entire academic year, then you have automatically been considered for this need-based scholarship of up to $4,000 per semester. Make sure you have a current FAFSA or CSS Profile application on file for consideration. Also important to note is that you are only eligible if you are currently enrolled full-time and will be graduating from the New York campus.

Global Programs Administered Awards
There are two grants under this category: the Global Merits Scholarship of $1,500 per semester and the Study Away Need-Based Grant of up to $3,000 per semester. For both of these, it is imperative that you apply for your study abroad program by the priority deadline in order to be considered for the grants in the fall, spring or a full academic year. Students are chosen based on their academic record and the quality of their application.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
If you are an undergraduate student who is a U.S. citizen or national currently receiving a Pell Grant, you should apply for this scholarship. The Gilman scholarship, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, is up to $8,000 per semester and available for fall, spring and summer. The scholarship is $5,000, but if you are studying a critical-need language (a language critical to national security) during your time abroad, you can apply for a supplemental award of up to $3,000. You will have to complete an application. In case you need any additional help, the Office of Global Programs hosts information sessions every semester. Keep in mind that this grant is deposited directly to your bank account, not your NYU Bursar account.

Specialized Grants at NYU
There a number of grants available for specific areas of study abroad, ranging from a student’s area of study to the location they choose. However, you are not automatically considered for these when you apply to study abroad. These awards have different requirements and deadlines that you should be aware of in order to receive as much financial assistance as possible. They include specific awards for CAS, Steinhardt and Tandon students, as well as location-specific awards.

Specialized Grants outside of NYU
You can look outside of NYU to find more specialized grants that you may qualify for, depending on different factors. Scholarships exist for studying an uncommon language, studying in East or Southeast Asia, studying in the United Kingdom or being a student with a disability.

If you want to find even more funding, check out these databases.

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