Burning Guitars and Grayling Purnell F/W 2019

Kylie Marsh


Burning Guitars and House of Grayling Purnell debuted their Fall/Winter 2019 lines yesterday at the Angel Orensanz Foundation in the Lower East Side in a joint show that showcased their respective collections.


While model and rapper Smiley Jonez hyped up the crowd with his Afro-Caribbean sound, European clothing company Burning Guitars took the stage. Dresses incorporated asymmetrical hemlines, and strands of glittery fabrics that added movement. Female models wore vibrant eyeshadow with matching neon-extensions in buns that complemented their colorful clothing. On the other hand, male models wore simple black stripes across their faces, reflecting the simpler and less colorful nature of the looks they wore.


Designer Saiyd Mohammed packed as many cuts, colors and textures into each piece as he could, using his signature method of deconstructing found textiles and garments and collaging them together. However, despite Jonez’s best efforts, the line, rather than looking eclectic and unique, came off as overwhelming and tacky.


House of Grayling Purnell followed, transitioning the vibe on the runway from modern streetwear to old Hollywood. The brand fused sex appeal and sophistication to create gowns and menswear that were simultaneously edgy and classy.

Sheer fabrics and painstakingly and elaborately placed gems dominated the line. Many of the looks barely concealed the most well-known of the erogenous zones, and if hemlines of the skintight dresses were not floor length, they were just below the buttocks. Some of the dresses were a little too tight, however, which had models hobbling to make it to the end of the runway.

One of the last pieces shown, a scarlet gown with a deep square neckline, stood out from an otherwise muted palette. The refreshing pop of color incorporated plenty of tulle to create pants around the legs but maintain a gown-like structure.

Although the two lines shared few similarities in terms of look and design, the brands created together a show that pushed boundaries and demonstrated the versatility of fashion.

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