Laurence & Chico F/W 2019

Soyoon Lee

Laurence & Chico debuted their Fall/Winter 2019 at Pier 59 in Chelsea. The duo is known for their flamboyant and colorful designs as well as their eccentric vibe, and their new Thailand-inspired collection did not disappoint.

The show opened with models who imitated flight attendants as they walked down the runway nimbly holding drink trays. According to the announcement made by a model at the start of the show, the models were meant to take the audience on “a non-stop flight from New York to Thai-Thai land. Today, we will serve.”

As stated by the press release, “silhouettes reflecting traditional Thai garments [were] reinterpreted with the Laurence & Chico touch of humor and whimsy.” Stripes, floral designs, and eclectic patterns dominated the show, although there were a few appearances greige tweed, neutral plaid and ruffled tulle. The trimmed and tailored pantsuits and faux fur overcoats balanced out the more whimsical pieces.

The vivid and graphic makeup that graced the models was bold, yet surprisingly managed to work well with each of the looks. However, at times the oversized wigs and hair accessories were derivative of Sia’s signature look and acted as a crutch Rather than adding to the looks, the extravagant overshadowed the clothing.


Laurence & Chico’s Fall/Winter 2019 line was a refreshing dose of colorful creativity that capitalized on the mesmerizing nature of peculiar spectacularity.

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