Jiri Kalfar F/W 2019


Veronica Liow, Senior Multimedia Editor

In the West Village, Czech-based designer Jiri Kalfar entered the United States market with his folk-art and rock ‘n’ roll garments. His collection pushed boundaries and redefined the meaning of femininity. Having previously shown his collections at London Fashion Week, Kalfar has now entered a different market. His awareness of his more international audience was clear with his innovative use of cuts and fabrics paired with tamer choices, such as a classic color palette black, blue, white and red.

The collection was comprised of high collar to low collar clothing, dresses to pants and free-flowing silhouettes to those that are more fitting to shape the body. Stripes and lace were interlaced throughout, and sheer fabrics added a voyeuristic element to a few of the looks.

The closing look — with the Royal Blue silk sleeves and red and gold selfie cape — was most notably immersed in custom Preciosa crystals, which were sprinkled throughout the rest of Kalfar’s collection, allowing the line to be more cohesive. The crystals brought an ethereal feel to those particular pieces.

Formerly a ballet dancer, Kalfar has a keen understanding of femininity, as he so beautifully demonstrated in this show. His Fall/Winter 2019 line exudes an understated glamour and elegance in a city dominated by streetwear.

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