Tisch senior Mickalia Forrester-Ewen is serious about fashion. So serious, in fact, that she pre-planned 15 outfits for her first three weeks at her internship in the CBS casting office. Forrester-Ewen, who also stars in her own web series “20 or Something,” shook up her work place with her favorite faux fur coat.

“I wore my jacket to work today and my co-workers were like ‘Wow Mickalia, you look great,’” Forrester-Ewen said. “I take time out of my day to create my outfits. I was really excited about this new internship position because the attire is business casual. Literally three weeks before I started, I constructed about 15 outfits for the next couple of weeks. So I’m wearing those and adding my jacket on.”

Forrester-Ewan wearing her choice longline fur coat from the Grey Lab booth at Curl Fest by Essence. (Photo by Mickalia Forrester-Ewan)

The longline fur coat is black for the most part, however, the two royal blue and bright yellow stripes that stretch across the sleeves and sides of the coat make the piece stand out. Forrester-Ewen purchased it during last year’s Curl Fest by Essence from the Grey Lab booth.

“I saw the jacket from afar and I grabbed it,” Forrester-Ewen said. “I was like, ‘Oh shoot, this is the jacket for me.’ I tried it on and I was just like Beyoncé, Solange, Oprah, Michelle Obama. I felt that. I felt powerful, I’m telling you I turn into a different girl!”


Forrester-Ewen explained that even though the jacket wasn’t necessarily in her budget, it was worth the splurge because of its versatility. 

One of her favorite outfits with the jacket includes a black and white T-shirt from the Caribbean Roots collection of her friend’s clothing line, Lily & Yas — one of the many black-owned businesses that Forrester-Ewen is passionate about supporting. The look is completed with a pair of black nylon pants from American Apparel, glossy, eggplant combat boots, a small light pink backpack, Forrester-Ewan’s signature Grenadian gold necklace and hoop earrings. The look is all pulled together with a beat face, of course. This isn’t the only combination she has come up with, though. 

“I wear it a lot with sweatpants, I like to wear it with heels, but I want to wear it next with a bomb dress and thigh-high boots,” Forrester-Ewen said. “Right now, I’m looking for the perfect scarf.” 

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Feb. 4 print edition. Email Lenique Vincent at [email protected]



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