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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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Staff Rants: Expensive Notebooks, Mint-Flavored Ice Cream and This Frigid Winter

WSN is back in New York and ready to take on second semester the only way we know how: with plenty of ranting.
Grace Halio

What better way to welcome ourselves to campus by already talking about the things that have been annoying us since we’ve been back?

On Expensive Notebooks
By Melanie Pineda, Opinion Editor
Why do NYU kids buy the most expensive kinds of notebooks for classes that they’re only in for two hours a week and which they’ll probably forget about after the end of this semester? Like, even if dollar stores don’t exist in NYC, there are definitely places you can go to buy $2 school supplies rather than your $25 Moleskine journals and calligraphy pens. As wise memes have said, it’s not that deep.

On Mint Chip Ice Cream
By Hanna Khosravi, Opinion Editor
Sorry friends, but why do you insist on ingesting toothpaste-flavored ice cream when you could have literally any other flavor? I personally do not align the experience of eating dessert to brushing my teeth, nor do I find brushing my teeth to be a particularly pleasurable activity. So I’ve just never understood what would possess someone to choose mint chocolate chip ice cream out of a slew of highly-superior options. I do not mean to offend the gagillion people I know who love mint-flavored ice cream because I see that I clearly have the unpopular opinion in this scenario. Maybe I should give it another shot. In fact, this staff rant (and the fact that upon saying that I was writing it, four different people in the WSN newsroom told me that mint chip ice cream is their favorite) is embroiling me in self-doubt. But hey, if I’m going green, it has got to be pistachio.

On the Difficulty of My First New York Winter
By Sarah John, Deputy Opinion Editor
Trying to buy a winter coat has been my most character-building experience at NYU. By character-building, I mean awful and confusing. I have failed on three different occasions, bringing home bulky jackets that make my inner Californian cry. Upon my return, I am always told by my friends that my jacket choice lacks insulation, length or down. Full disclosure, I am still unsure what down actually is. Is this all embarrassing? Yes. But I have learned from my mistakes, and I am now officially looking for assistance in buying a winter coat from anyone reading this right now. Help out a confused and cold college student! You all know my email.  

On the NYU Bookstore
By Faith Marnecheck, Culture Editor
The NYU Bookstore needs to get itself organized. I ordered my books online and went to pick them up yesterday. It was an absolute mess. The line for pickup was ridiculously long, but it was even worse when I finally got to the front. They could not find my books and weren’t sure which books had arrived and which were still in transit. I spent an hour standing there, waiting for them to find my order. Eventually, they decided to have me go get one from the shelf instead. My order had apparently disappeared, so then I had to wander around to find the book. The bookstore clearly needs a better system than having people who already ordered books wait hours just to pick them up, without assurance that they will actually be there. If you’re lucky, the order will actually be found quickly. I was not lucky. Anyone who still plans on picking up books, beware and probably carve out an entire day from your schedule because no one is getting out of that line quickly.

On Pretzel to Hummus Ratios
By Arin Garland, Dining Editor
Dear Sabra Hummus,

Please stop skimping out on the pretzels. I sat down to enjoy my snack of pretzels dipped in hummus, but within one minute, I found myself with no pretzels. I was left with a container filled halfway with hummus that I was not about to eat by itself, so I threw it out. Not only is it wasteful, but also unfulfilling. We both know there’s plenty more space in the container to fit at least 10 more pretzels.

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About the Contributor
Grace Halio
Grace Halio, Editor-at-Large
Grace Halio has spent the past three years working at WSN because her job has an actual title, unlike her concentration in Gallatin. She's studying how journalism and public art can be narratives for social and climate injustice, but has a soft spot in her heart for New York Fashion Week and all things Features Desk. A Long Island native, she could likely live off of bagels. Grace spent her spring 2016 semester studying in Florence, Italy. Unfortunately, she did not turn into Lizzie McGuire; fortunately, she ate a lot of cheese. She looks forward to returning to the motherland. In the meantime, however, you can find her fighting for the necessity of the oxford comma and making pasta for dinner six nights a week. Follow her on Twitter to see her creative 140 character complaints or on Instagram to take a peek at how she spends her free time.

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