NYU Graduate Killed In Kenya Terrorist Attack

A terrorist attack on a hotel complex in Nairobi resulted in the death of over a dozen people, including an NYU alumnus.

2009 NYU Law graduate Jason Spindler.


2009 NYU Law graduate Jason Spindler.

Victor Porcelli, News Editor

An NYU School of Law alumnus was killed in an attack on a hotel in Nairobi, Kenya on Tuesday.

A group of armed gunmen killed at least 21 people in the DusitD2 hotel and business complex in Nairobi — the terrorist group al-Shabab took credit for the assault.

Forty-year-old Law School alumnus Jason Spindler had worked as an investment advisor in Kenya for five years and was eating lunch when the attack began on Tuesday, ending a day later. The co-founder and managing director of I-DEV International, Spindler was also a 9/11 survivor, according to NBC New York.

Spindler’s company invested in local communities to help them join the global economy and had an office in Nairobi, where Spindler worked with local entrepreneurs.

“Jason is warmly remembered by those who knew him at NYU Law,” NYU Law said in a statement to WSN. “His tragic death is a loss not only to his loved ones, but to the community of individuals dedicated to improving the lives of others through social enterprise.”

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