These Two-Credit Classes Are the Perfect Add-Ons to Your Spring Semester Schedule

Because sometimes you need to offset the stress of Texts and Ideas with a dance class.

A studio photo of several dishes. A two credit course offered next semester in Steinhardt is "Digital skills in Food Media."

Compiling a class schedule can feel like a race to tick off all the boxes: Did I get all my core credits? Am I fulfilling my major requirements? Am I ever going to graduate? We know. It’s stressful. Luckily, NYU also offers a number of amusing, two-credit courses to make the journey a little more fun. And, since you’re paying for 18 credits per semester anyway, making use of those extra two credits can’t hurt. After all, everyone needs a pick-me-up after a Cultures and Contexts lecture.

1.Digital Skills in Food Media: Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

If you’ve ever spent an entire night watching hours worth of Tasty videos, then a) you’re not alone, and b) you know the value and odd pleasure that comes with food media. And though the end product may seem light-hearted, you’ll be surprised to learn that food media actually takes a great deal of skill to create. In this two-credit class, you can learn the ins and outs of producing the satisfying content, from writing to multimedia. You’ll perhaps even master the skill of creating Tasty-esque video content, yourself.

  1. Pop/Jazz Piano: Steinhardt

It’s not a day in New York City if 90 percent of the people you see walking down the street or across campus aren’t bumping to music playing from headphones. But, instead of listening to music, why don’t you take a class and learn how to make it instead? The private lessons offered by Steinhardt are perfectly tailored for the non-major and explore the intersection of jazz and pop in piano, the basis for much of the popular music we listen to today. Lily Bilton, a CAS junior, remembers taking the two-credit piano class last semester. “It felt therapeutic,” she said.

  1. Modern Dance: Mind Body Knowledge and Expression: Tisch School of the Arts

Per a note of the lack of a requirement for prior dance experience listed right in the course description, you don’t need rhythm to take this two-credit Tisch class. But, by the time it’s over, you’ll have acquired some form of it. This is the perfect addition of physical activity into your hectic routines. The course aims to help students “become more aware and organized in their bodies.” With the many stressors of a busy college schedule, what better place to become organized than right within your body? Having an allotted time strictly devoted to being active while motivating music plays can help to create a perfect balance in your Spring 2019 schedule.

  1. Social and Cultural Analysis Justice Lab: College of Arts and Science

Not all social justice classes have to so strenuously warrant a 4-credit overload. You can experience one while still having plenty of study time for other classes with the SCA program’s Justice Lab. For the first two weeks, it’s only open to Social and Cultural Analysis majors, but after that, it’s all yours. Learn all about socio-political issues in the United States, ranging from gender inequality to the economy and even war policy, in a close-knit work environment that encourages collaboration and research development.

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