Fringe Fall 2018 | The Dinner Party: Where Style Is Served

This issue celebrates personal style and community — the kind that only exists in New York. There’s a certain elegance that comes with dressing up and sitting down for a meal or some drinks.



inner parties are the intersection of food and fashion, whether that be dressing yourself or dressing the table. Often food brings us together  — clothes can do the same. As much as we love the same foods, we love the same fashions. This issue celebrates personal style and community — the kind that only exists in New York. There’s a certain elegance that comes with dressing up and sitting down for a meal or some drinks.

In bringing this vision to live, even more than creating an air of community was creating a definitive style. The wardrobe was a mix of soft-hued textures and silhouettes that transcend decades of fashion. The hair and makeup was understated, if done at all.

Thank you to Beacon’s Closet in Greenpoint for lending so many dresses, blouses and jackets to us, and for inviting me to your store to select samples that suited my vision. Thank you to Matias Mollin, a student and friend who lent so many incredible pieces from his personal collection.

Thank you to our incredible models, Rio Hito, Zoë Smith, Thea Nickolas, Sora Nithikasem, Ashley Sidoryk, Cy Gowdie, Will Schmacker, Sarah Strohecker, Payton Prendergast and Kat Vlasova. I really appreciate all your flexibility and patience, but mostly the positive environment you all created — despite the fact that none of you knew each other, you formed a community. In the past we’ve only used three or four models and I am so glad that I was able to dress all nine of you and create the feeling of a real party.

Thank you to our Multimedia Editor Katie Peurrung for creating all of these beautiful photos and consideration for my creative direction. Thank you to Rachel Buigas Lopez and Laura Shkouratoff for the incredible print and digital layout; I am so amazed by your efforts and expertise. Thank you to our Video Editor Alana Beyer and her deputy Justin Park for creating promotional videos. Scott, thanks for coming through with the definite dinner party guide.

Thank you to Please Don’t Tell and the team at Criff Dogs for so generously allowing us to shoot in your amazing space.

And finally, a massive thank you to our Under the Arch Editors, Yasmin Gulec and Pamela Jew. There would be no issue without your efforts and creative energy. Yasmin, I still can’t believe you let us get glitter all over your apartment; thank you so much for your generosity and unmatched positivity. Pam, you always know what I’m thinking before I can put it into words, our brains work the same and I am so lucky to work with you.

So dig in and savor this issue. Cheers!

AMANDA BURKETT, Beauty & Style Editor


Photographs by KATIE PEURRUNG


There was a certain rhythm to the days when my mom would prepare for dinner parties. The kitchen was filled with silence, broken only by her bare soles slapping against the hardwood floors, the stirring sounds and soft rustling as she set the table with folded napkins and the clang of silverware she kept in a wooden chest. I was always allowed to talk with the guests as they arrived, but as soon as they sat for dinner, I would be sent to my room. Sometimes, I sat at the top of the stairs trying to pick up any bits of conversation I could through my dad’s rumbling laughter.


Students share the recipe for throwing the perfect dinner party.
Essential ingredient: the outfit.


(Photo by Justin Park)


Nino Asaro has been drawn to fire since he was six. The fire that blazed from his grandmother’s kitchen in the southernmost tip of Italy became his vice as she taught him to cook. The energy of the kitchen became his life-long fixation.