Something Old, Something Pink and Something to Make You Think of Home

Piece Out is a Beauty & Style series where students discuss their favorite wardrobe pieces and the stories behind them.

Hanna McNelia, Staff Writer

Inside everyone’s wardrobe, there are a few key items: the go-to’s, the study hoodie, the going-out tops, the little black dress LBD and of course, the favorite. Steinhardt sophomore Iman Dabbous’ favorite blazer envelopes her in the warmth of her Notting Hill home back in London. Dabbous bought the pink, vintage Comme Des Garçons blazer while out on a shopping excursion with a close friend.

“I love and miss Notting Hill so much, the place, in itself, has so much sentimental value to me.” Dabbous said. “It’s where all of the important things in my life happened, so this jacket kind of signifies that for me.”

The artistry of the jacket adds to the appeal for Dabbous. Comme Des Garçons is a brand well-known for the heart logo displayed on its T-shirts and hoodies, as well as for its partnership with Converse, a popular footwear choice around NYU. The classic Comme Des Garçons branding isn’t emblazoned across her jacket rather it’s an understated pink –– Dabbous’ favorite color.

“I love it because it’s so unique. I’ve never seen anything like it from this brand, I was so shocked when I saw the label.” Dabbous said. “It kind of looks like the Chanel blazers but in a color Chanel would never use.”


Beneath the branding, Comme Des Garçons is also known for its craftsmanship. The brand was the theme of the annual Met Gala in 2017 for its avant garde designs and silhouettes. Dabbous was shocked by how her piece fit perfectly.  

“Everything was in proportion and that’s something that can be hard to find in vintage,” she said.  “A lot of the times things are just either too big or too small.”

Despite Dabbous’ description of the perfection of her jacket, she makes it clear that this is not a part of her everyday wardrobe.

“I love it so much that I am a little scared to wear it,” she said. “I tend to save it for special occasions. I wore it to a party here once, but that just meant I had to stay away from people with full drinks in their hands, so now I just wear it when the opportunity arises.”

Despite the limited closet space that most NYU dorms or New York apartments provide, there is always room for that one piece that means more than meets the eye, even if it spends more time in your closet than on you.

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