NYU and Harvard Law Reviews Sued Over Editorial Selection Process



NYU Law Review was sued over its editorial board selections. (Photo by Tony Wu)

Alex Domb, News Editor

In a time of retaliation against affirmative action policies, NYU Law Review has been sued over allegedly considering race and sex in its annual selection of editors and publication of articles.

A Texas group known as Faculty, Alumni and Students Opposed to Racial Discrimination filed the lawsuit. The group additionally filed a lawsuit against Harvard Law Review.

“We plan to strongly defend the Law Review and its policies, and have confidence in the outcome,” an NYU Law spokesperson wrote in a statement to WSN.

The case was filed on Oct. 7 in New York Southern District Court. Because NYU Law Review is financially supported by the university, listed defendants include NYU Law Review, NYU Law School and NYU.

The fourth and final listed defendant is United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Plaintiffs ask that federal funding be withheld from NYU Law Review until the publication ceases to illegally give preference to racial minorities and women in its selection of student editors.

NYU Law Review was founded in 1924 and publishes six issues each year.

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