photos and words by Sarah D’Oliveira

“EAT” focuses on the different stages of people in recovery from eating disorders.  Growing up, struggling as well with an ED, all I ever heard was the word “EAT” from anyone and everyone… My mother, my grandmother, my peers, my friends, even strangers on social media that I will never even meet. The bravery and vulnerability of the women was the true subject of this series. The body of work shows the strength and growth of females in many different stages of their recovery. Some were able to take food they once feared and smudge it all over themselves. The topical application of the trigger foods speaks immensely about their progress in finding peace with their self worth, body image, and overall esteem. Other people were less open to this idea, only wanting to show the bones and curvature of their figures. Bringing the two separate series together exemplifies the time that takes people to develop and evolve. “EAT” will serve as a marking spot as to where I was with my recovery when I created this body of work, where I am now, and where I will be in the future looking back on these images.




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