3 Quirky Clubs Flying Under the Radar

One of these quirky clubs could be your new NYU family.


Tony Wu

The annual Fall Club Fest was held on Sept. 5 on the 9th and 10th floors of the Kimmel Center for University Life.

Caitlyn Hochwald, Contributing Writer

Clubs are a fundamental part of any university. For many, the quintessential college experience consists of getting involved with as many as possible. Clubs act as a sort of forum — a single yet broad interest invites students to meet like-minded people. NYU has over 300 clubs to choose from, so there’s something for almost everybody. However, some of these clubs fly under the radar, unnoticed and often underappreciated. Take a moment and find out what these quirky, unique groups have to offer.

Superhero Club

Superhero Club, formerly known as the Joss Whedon Appreciation Club, is open to anyone interested in superheroes, regardless of whether or not they exist in blockbuster movies or mainstream television. A general meeting consists of watching a superhero-related TV show and a follow-up discussion, but there are often game and trivia nights as well. It’s not unusual for the tight-knit group of students to also venture out together to watch new superhero movies when they theaters.

“We are really casual, with no obligations,” Steinhardt sophomore Miranda Siffer, president of Superhero Club, said. “No one is required to show up. We are just interested in people who share common interests. I’m personally really into X-Men right now.”


The Lamplighters is an all student-run theater group, with performances targeted toward younger audiences. 18-and-under plays are its primary focus, but that doesn’t mean rehashes of Disney stories, more so themes suited for younger audiences. The Lamplighters reach out to high schools and middle schools around the city to perform their final projects in front of live audiences. The club allows students to work on any element of production, from writing, to directing, to producing.

“What’s great about this club is the diversity of the people that are involved,” CAS junior Noah Mutterperl, vice president of the Lamplighters, said. “It is also theater on the go, but the production value is still sold.”

The group will be presenting “Legally Blonde” the Musical this fall, so bend and snap all the way to NYU Lamplighters to participate.

Swing Dance Society

Do you love to dance? Are you looking for a space to show off your balance and grace? Well look no further because there is place for you with the NYU Swing Dance Society. The Swing Dance Society has been around for quite a while at NYU, but has not remained very well-known, according to CAS senior Jess Ryder, the club’s vice president.

Around 15 to 30 people show up each Tuesday to the practice session held in the Kimmel Center for University Life. The tight-knit group swirls around the room, learning new steps, practicing old ones and, most importantly, chatting and laughing with one another.

“We go to other colleges and meet people who swing dance there as well,” Ryder said. “It is super low pressure and also really goofy and fun and a good way to get involved in the NYC community rather than just the NYU community.”

Finding a community at NYU can be difficult, but these fun, niche clubs give students an opportunity to explore their interests while making new friends.

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