Menswear Podcasts Worth Listening To


Alana Beyer

A man uses earbuds on a street corner.

Matias Mollin, Contributing Writer

Whether you’re shopping alone, or telling the hostess it’s table for one, podcasts are a great way to keep yourself entertained while multitasking. Although fashion is mainly a visual medium, podcasts have even captured the attention of large retailers and major fashion houses as they have launched their own.

If you’re also intrigued by this latest trend and hoping to up your fashion game here are some of the best menswear podcasts you should sample.

1. Blamo!

Jeramy Kirkland’s “Blamo!,” was the first menswear podcast to gain traction. This podcast is perfect for those who want to unearth the success story of their favorite stylist, designer or fashion writer. Notable guests such as Stephen Mann, a men’s stylist with a cult following, retailer Chris Gibbs from Union Los Angeles and internet curator Chris Black, have been featured. Stories like these offer a perfect window into a variety of industry careers.

2. Failing Upwards

Hosts Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris were writers at Four Pins, a blog from Complex Magazine that took a nonchalant and amusing approach to fashion. While entertaining a substantial fan base with Four Pins, the duo developed a YouTube series, Fashion Bros, though evidently ahead of its time, the series was only successful when transformed into a podcast. The podcast embraces a new format but maintains the same comedic approach to interviewing guests — mainly by interrupting them and talking about themselves. During the two hour-long show they discuss life in New York City, dating and occasionally fashion — deeming themselves “The Only Podcast That Matters.”

3. Corporate Lunch

GQ’s own “Corporate Lunch” is a podcast for the fashion nerds of the industry. Launched in tandem with the seasonal GQ Style magazine, the podcast dives deep into fashion with a capital F. Hosted by Will Welch and Noah Johnson, the podcast explores the minute details of great garments, runway shows and styles that have been featured in their magazine. The hosts entertain lengthy discussions on air drying and machine drying T-shirts, and entire episodes have been devoted to pants. This podcast is best for those who can talk about a t-shirt’s armhole for days.

4. THE MEMORY OF… With John Galliano

Maison Margiela was the first major house to launch its own podcast. Legendary designer turned creative director John Galliano describes the inspiration and technical detail behind each piece of his most recent mens and womens Autumn Winter 2018 Artisanal Collections. With his experienced voice — having been at the helm of Givenchy and Christian Dior before Maison Margiela — Galliano invites listeners into not only one of the most important fashion houses of today, but into one of the most important minds designing today’s culture.

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