NYU Predicts: World Cup Final

Bela Kirpalani, Editor-at-Large

After a month of spectacular goals, nail-biting action and thunderous celebrations heard round the world, the 2018 FIFA World Cup will come to its conclusion on Saturday, July 14 at 11 a.m. ET. 1998 champions France will line up against first-time finalists Croatia, the least populous country to ever appear in the final. We asked NYU students for their World Cup Final predictions in a wildly unpredictable tournament:

“From the group stages I thought either Belgium or France would be in the final because both teams proved to be super strong on paper and on the pitch. Although Croatia is definitely a threat with key players like Luka Modric, who is one of my personal favorites as a [Real] Madrid fan, I really believe that France has what it takes and predict them to win it all.” -Susanne Nia, Gallatin Junior

“I want Croatia to win because, first of all, they had a much more beautiful showing in groups in my opinion, and also because France started to overuse diving near the end of their match against Belgium which really turned me off as a viewer.” – Iffat Nur, CAS Junior

“I think France is going to beat Croatia. France has been winning fairly convincingly over the people they’ve faced so far and they’ve proved themselves in the unquestionably harder side of the bracket. Also France has been winning in regulation time while the Croatians always have to play 120 minutes and decide the game in penalties.” – Saager Chitale, CAS Senior

“I want Croatia to win and I think they can with their stronger midfield. But I think ultimately France is going to win because they have a really strong defense and work well together as a team.” – Syona Varty, Tisch Junior

“I think Croatia is going to win and I don’t necessarily have a reason other than that they’ve shocked us all so far and my German teacher in high school was from Croatia so I’m rooting for them.” – Lianna Tayman, CAS Junior

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