Exposure | Snapshots of Sydney

By Julia Moses, Staff Photographer

During the semester of Fall 2017, I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad at NYU Sydney. Many people do not realize that NYU’s newest study abroad site is one of the best places to go for the fall semester. During the fall here in New York, as it turns from fall to winter, down in Australia it is turning from spring to summer. It’s really amazing how a city so far away has the same ‘big city on the water’ feeling as New York does. Sydney is still very different since the pace is much slower than New York’s and allows you a second to breathe. I took these photos near some of Sydney’s greatest landmarks, the iconic Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Bondi Beach, but also some less iconic scenes along the way. As one can see the sky go from clear and blue to the vivid colors of the sunset, it’s easy to understand why I loved taking my camera around the city. I highly recommend traveling to this side of the world and finding it’s not as far as you think.

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