Staff Rants: Printing, Security Guards and Umbrellas

WSN Staff

On this not so fine Tuesday, our staff is ranting about frustrating printing people, unfriendly security guards and eager umbrella wielders. Look out, because our Deputy Sports Editor Bela is not happy to be under your umbrella (ella, ella, ey, ey, ey).

On Printing at the Academic Resource Center:

If you have been at NYU for a few years and still come to the ARC, at 18 Washington Pl., in your printing desperation, I honestly don’t understand you. As an employee at the front desk, it is deeply frustrating. We have one printer downstairs, and it never works. NEVER. And it is not our fault! Half my job is messing with that printer to try and get it to function normally. But when one problem is resolved, another occurs. Trust me, it’s worse for us than it is for you. Walking down the stairs to find random students toying with this expensive machine makes me want to scream. YOU. WILL. NOT. FIX. IT. It’s just a terrible printer and I strongly suggest against coming to the ARC if you have just two seconds to print an essay before class. The printer will fail you. Go to Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, the Kimmel Center for University Life or 25 W. Fourth St. Working printers are only a three to five minute walk away. What’s worse is coming downstairs to find people printing full NOVELS or three-hundred page research projects. Like there are places you can do that where you won’t inconvenience several people and break an already frail printer. Also, for some reason, everyone feels the need to take their printing anger out on the front desk employees. Please don’t. If the printer doesn’t work for you, it’s because it has been malfunctioning all day and we are just as stressed about it as you are.

— Sakshi Venkatraman, News Editor

On Security Guards:

Generally speaking, I love the security guards at NYU. I’ve reached head nod and smile level with some, and I am on a first name basis with others. However, there is one security guard that seems to despise all students. This security guard never smiles and is always harsh when you ask him questions or try to sign someone in. The other day, I ordered food and went downstairs to pick it up. I exited the security gate and walked two steps to the delivery man in the lobby who was dropping off my food, while the security guard watched. I turned around and reached in my pocket, only to realize that I forgot my ID. I figured that, because he saw me exit the gate, the security guard would let me back through, so I went up to him and asked. All of a sudden, he started going off, telling me that I was being irresponsible and inconsiderate, then warned me that I better not forget again while he’s on duty. While looking me up in the system, he proceeded to roll his eyes and mutter sarcastic insults under his breath. I understand that I should have my ID on me at all times, and he may have had a long day, but there are better ways to communicate with students than making them fear you.

— Tyler Crews, Opinion Editor

On Umbrellas:

Why are people so quick to whip their umbrellas out? A mere two drops of water will have fallen from the sky, and all of a sudden, seemingly every person on the street has already clicked open their umbrellas and is scurrying past me. I personally don’t really like using umbrellas unless it’s pouring, because my hands get cold and tired of holding an umbrella. Maybe I’m weak, who knows? Also, umbrella people, I beg of you, please be more careful and courteous when walking. I cannot count the amount of times I’ve almost had my eyeball poked out by the “ribs” of your umbrella — yes, I looked up the anatomy of an umbrella. Be mindful of all of the non-umbrella people out on the street.

— Bela Kirpalani, Deputy Sports Editor

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