Five Local Tech Shops That Aren’t Best Buy In Union Square


Tom Miritello

AC Gears, a tech shop on 8th street.

Natasha Roy, Managing Editor-at-Large

When told to shop local, most people envision stopping by a neighborhood grocery store or an independent bookshop — but few people think to look for a local technology shop when searching for a pair of headphones or a laptop charger.

If you’re looking for the right local tech store for you, consider some of our finds.



304 E 5th St.

Any DIY electronics hobbyist should become familiar with this tiny yet fertile space for makers. Covered wall to wall in everything from individual electronic components to robotics kits, this store keeps almost anything any electronics project could possibly need. The owner, NYU Engineering alumnus Sharon Gershi, is also incredibly knowledgeable and can be seen using her laser pointer to highlight anything you may need. Can’t find it in the store? Their online store somehow manages to be even more chock full of anything a tinkerer could need.

Mike’s Tech Shop

120 W. 20th St.

Mike’s Tech Shop offers a variety of Apple products, from Macs to iPods. Though it does not sell iPhones, employees can help recover iPhone and Mac data. As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, it can provide repairs to iPhones, Macs, iPods and iPads that are included in warranty agreements, though it cannot fix iPhone screens as per Apple rules. Customers can also recycle old Apple products at the store.

AC Gears

69 E. Eighth St.

Located right by the Washington Square campus, AC Gears offers a myriad of equipment, from sound systems to mobile batteries. Customers can even purchase DIY sets, such as a build-your-own robotic creature kit. Tech enthusiasts can even attend AC Gears’ events — however, NYU underclassmen may not always be able to attend, as many are strictly for a 21-and-over crowd, focused on tech in mixology or serving complimentary drinks.

Turntable Lab NYC

84 E. 10th St.

DJs and music producers will rejoice over Turntable Lab NYC. The store has all kinds of gear, from stereo equipment to turntables and vinyl records. Turntable Lab carries top audiophile equipment from brands like Audio Technica, Pro-Ject, and Clear Audio. Aspiring hipsters can have their turntables set up right in the shop and grab music while they wait—they advertise a wide variety of over 1,500 used and new records to dig through.

Rossmann Repair Group

186 First Ave

You won’t know this store for their products, but rather, their services. Need an off-warranty Macbook repair? Want to know exactly the quality of the repairs you’re getting? Take your computer to Louis Rossmann’s shop, where he and his team post videos of their repairs (along with discussions about tech and other current events). They provide free estimates on their website for anyone wanting to compare pricing.

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