Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Speak at 2018 Commencement

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to speak at NYU's 186th all-university commencement.

In a video posted to NYU’s official Facebook page Monday afternoon, Student Body President Juan Calero revealed the 2018 commencement speaker to be Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau, who is known for his liberal politics, good looks and personable nature, will speak at the all-university event on May 16 at Yankee Stadium. Previous commencement speakers have included Pharrell Williams in 2017, Alec Baldwin in 2010 and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor in 2012. Both former President Bill and former Secretary of State and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore have been featured, as well.  

“I’m very excited, let’s see if he outdoes Pharrell,” Calero said in the video.


Trudeau will also be one of the six to receive an honorary degree from NYU this spring. He will be joined by NASA’s Voyager Mission Team members John Casani, Suzanne Dodd and Edward Stone, as well as NYU Law Professor and Founder of the Equal Justice Initiative Bryan Stevenson, United Therapeutics Chair and CEO Martine Rothblatt and Didi Chuxing President Jean Liu.  

“We’re very excited that Prime Minister Trudeau will receive an honorary degree from NYU and will be speaking to grads and their parents at the 2018 All-University Commencement,” NYU Spokesperson John Beckman said in a statement to WSN. “All of our honorees are selected because of their achievements and leadership in the many fields for which NYU trains its graduates — public service, the law, the sciences, to name just a few. They exemplify what we hope our graduates will go on to achieve and the contributions they will make to society.”

The all-university commencement starts at 11 a.m. and will conclude at 12:30 p.m.


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  1. You can keep this useless worse PM in canadian history who is destroying canada economy who hates his own country as your friend and give us Donald Trump who loves his country, making sure america comes first and is bringing more jobs into the states. WE DO NOT TRUST JUSTIN TRUDEAU.

  2. Trudeau – what accomplishments? What leadership? Justin Trudeau is without any doubt, the worst Prime Minister ever in our Canadian history. Canada is in a total mess! There is a reason this idiot is dropping in the polls. Canadians are tired of his out of control spending. Do you have any idea what our debt is now? It is projected we will not see a balanced budget in many years. Trudeau is more interested in giving our tax dollars away to foreign countries and terrorists. He loves the CORRUPT U.N. and so desperately wants Canada to buy a seat on the U.N. security council. Meanwhile, Canadians such as Veterans, Seniors, many middle class people are suffering. His big claim is he is “helping the middle class and those working hard to join it.”

    We are tired of his arrogant ways – he is far more arrogant than his father was. We are extremely tired of Justin’s LIES and HYPOCRISY. We are tired of his foolish gender based nonsense. He chose his Cabinet Ministers strictly on gender and race. WHY would any leader select a Cabinet Minister with no previous political experience, no real previous job experience simply because she is a female and a Muslim? I have been around for 7 decades – this is the worst Cabinet in our Canadian history. He doesn’t have the brains to think and select people for Cabinet according to their qualifications and experience. Such foolishness!

    Trudeau is NOT interested in DEMOCRACY. BTW, he is the first Canadian Prime Minister to break our Ethics laws × 4. He thinks he and his elitist friends are above the laws. He is becoming more of a dictator as time rolls on. How would Americans like the words to their National Anthem changed when polls show most Americans do NOT agree? Well, Trudeau and his Liberal party have done just that in Canada – changed the words to our Canadian National Anthem to be gender neutral! Unfortunately, the Liberals have a majority Government. You would be surprised at what Opposition Motions the Government VOTES AGAINST. Oh, and everything that is a problem is the previous Government’s fault – especially that Stephen Harper. Trudeau is well into his third year of a 4 year mandate yet he continually blames Harper.

    I do wish our friends to the south would inform themselves before handing out awards to our totally useless PM. Trudeau has stated himself his role is more ceremonial in nature. No, Trudeau! That is the role of our Governor General who is our Queen’s representative. Trudeau is supposed to lead! What a joke!.

  3. Trudeau is an example of leader that should never speak nor be held in high regard.

    He is the only Prime Minister of Canada that has broken conflict of interest laws, not just once, four times.

    Our countries dollar is in free fall, the economy shrank in January, investment in Canada is plummeting, yearly govt deficits are large with no plan to balance the budget, Oops, Mr. Trudeau does have a plan, he states “budgets balance themselves”.

    Surely there is someone else out there to speak at commencement. You do know the only job he has ever held was a part time drama teacher.

    Trudeau is someone that invites a Canadian convicted of attempted murder of an Indian Minister to a state dinner in India.

    Then, as described by Indians, “he dresses up like a cheap Bollywood actor” while in the country.

    Mr. Trudeau’s follies are many and well publicised in Canada.

    Your standards for speakers at your commencement has obviously reached an extreme low.

    Surely you can get a speaker with more experience, intelligence, and class than Trudeau to speak at such an event.


    Thor Eidsvik

  4. Shameful how the idiot liberals are in control of the University in America, making idiot sheeple there , too. I hope he tells them how they are all scientists too.

  5. So it looks like the liberals are in control of the University in America , as well. Idiot sheeple , I hope the idiot tells them how they are all scientists too.

  6. Peg McKibbin, Let me guess a Liberal staffer? Trudeau is a poser and a complete phoney. I am shocked that the student gov at NYU could be so detached to have invited this guy. He only got elected with 38.5% of the popular vote (we have a multi-party system) yet Americans progressives are incensed that Trump was elected with 48.5% of the popular vote. In Canada his rating are in free-fall and is an embarrassment with his sanctimonious hypocrisy. Too bad NYU student president didn’t Google Trudeau before offering this opportunity.


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