Festival Style: A How-To Guide

A fisherman hat, one of the style trends this festival season.

Festival season is fast approaching — the weather is warming up, the lineups are out and Coachella is less than a month away. Once the chaos of trying to get hold of tickets passes, you can focus on one of the biggest parts of the music festival experience: the outfits.

Nothing parallels the carefree vibe of a music festival. It makes them the perfect place for self expression and style experimentation. Wear whatever makes you look and feel fierce. Here are a few tips to curate the perfect wardrobe.


Matching outfits are a great idea for festivals. They do all of the work for you, creating an effortless look. Consider online stores like Princess Polly, Tiger Mist and I.AM.GIA.



A practical shoe choice, saving your feet from getting stomped on in crowded sets, while simultaneously adding an edgy vibe to any outfit. Consider pairing a flowy dress with a pair of booties; fashion and function.

Fisherman hats

These chic yet casual hats have made a major appearance in fashion within the past year and would be a great addition to your festival look. Some great places to get your hands on one are: ASOS, Free People and Urban Outfitters.

Statement bottoms

Business on top. Party on the bottom. Try pairing a basic bandeau or cropped tee with a pair of statement pants or a skirt. I.AM.GIA has a great selection of statement bottoms to consider or draw inspiration from. Thrift stores are a great alternative as well if you’re looking to experiment with trends but don’t want to blow a whole paycheck.


You can’t go wrong with glitter. It’s a great add-on to any look, and when else can you wear mounds of glitter and have it be socially acceptable?

Keep in mind that festivals are typically hot. Really hot. If you’re going to wear long pants, make sure they’re flowy — tight leather pants might not be your best bet. Try to pair long bottoms with a cropped top, or vice versa. Don’t overheat. Given most festivals are three or four days long, your feet might be gone by the end of the last day. It might be best to leave your brand new wedges or sneakers at home. Blisters are the enemy.

There are definitely some trends we’re ditching — trends that should have never even been trends. Avoid cultural appropriation. Avoid offensive pieces at all costs. Cultural appropriation, like indigenous headdress, just to name one possible offense, have no place at music festivals. Just because Vanessa Hudgens, among other celebrities, have sported bindis at Coachella doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Instead, opt for glitter. Or, try out drawing hearts and stars on the high points of your cheeks and above your brows. Skin gems are another great idea.

No matter what outfit you choose to wear, own it. Confidence is key, and you’ll look even better in all the photos you take.

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