More Feces and Urine Discovered In Broome Residence Hall

Natasha Roy, Managing Editor-at-Large

Human feces and urine have been found in Broome Street Residence Hall’s laundry room, trash room and trash chute five separate times this semester, according to an email sent to Broome residents from Central Assistant Director of Residential Life Yettieve Marquez-Santana.

The announcement followed a report of a shoebox of feces found in a Broome trash chute last week. In her email, Marquez-Santana said the residence hall is taking the behavior seriously and is working to identify the responsible party.

Members from Residential Life, building maintenance staff and Public Safety have increased frequency of building patrols in order to disrupt this behavior,” Marquez-Santana said in the email. “When found, any student involved with these incidents will face community standards repercussions that may include expulsion from NYU.”

Marquez-Santana encouraged Broome residents to share any information about the incident with the Broome building leadership team. She also labeled the behavior unacceptable, and some students, like CAS junior Madison Charlton, agreed.

“I think it’s extremely disrespectful to everyone who lives in and works at Broome, and there’s no excuse for it,” Charlton said via Facebook message. “It’s something that should never happen and is just so disrespectful, it’s unbelievable.”

Charlton also said she believes it would be fair for the person responsible to be expelled.

“If you aren’t mature enough to use a toilet, then you probably shouldn’t be attending college,” Charlton said.  

Fellow Broome resident, Tisch sophomore Addison Worthington, shared a similar sentiment about the possible repercussions.

“I think it’s mostly pretty nasty obviously, and frankly if they do find the person, I don’t think it would be unreasonable to expel them, considering it’s such a health hazard,” Worthington said in a Facebook message.

However, other residents, like Steinhardt junior Julia Moses, said that though they think the behavior is gross, expulsion may be an extreme punishment.

“They should definitely be removed from the dorm and maybe suspended for a bit but i think permanent expulsion is a bit much,” Moses wrote in a Facebook message.

She also said that while she initially thought it was a drunken joke, the fact that the feces and urine have been found multiple times may indicate that it was intentional.

Marquez-Santana did not respond to WSN’s request for comment.

Julia Moses is a staff photographer for WSN.

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