A Sweet Future From Starbucks


Liv Chai

Starbucks’ new peach flavored Crystal Ball Frappuccino features candy gems that will “reveal your fortune” and is available for a limited time.

Liv Chai, Dining Editor

Forget about Ouija boards, palm readers, fortune tellers and that nifty horoscope app that has just about predicted everything that’s been happening to you since downloading it. Starbucks released its Crystal Ball Frappuccino this past Thursday just in time for Mercury in retrograde — or the beginning of a “three-week span of misfortune down on Earth” as bluntly described by Time Magazine.

Described by Starbucks as a “mystical, swirling peach infusion” topped with “one of three different candy gems that reveal your fortune,” the limited edition Crystal Ball Frappuccino is the newest addition to its notoriously colorful, fun drinks.

“It’s a ten-step frappuccino that’s hard to make,” a Starbucks employee said. “It’s definitely not as difficult as the Unicorn drink for sure.”

The Crystal Ball Frappuccino forecasts the future through randomly chosen colored gems decorated on top — each drink gets a different fortune. My fortune showed a dreamy blue with candy rock pieces resting on top, signaling “Adventure.” Besides “Adventure,” there are two other fortunes: green signaling “Luck” and purple suggesting “Magic”.

At first glance, the drink is a treat to just look at. I assumed an artificial and borderline offensive burst of berry haphazardly mixing with a vanilla frosting texture, but with a sip, I was instead greeted with a warm vanilla and bright peach.

As for the fortune telling, I found myself disappointed and confused. Maybe it was too much to ask for an actual crystal ball, but originally, I had hoped the drink was going to reveal a fortune at the very bottom of the cup.

I wasn’t the only one confused by the delivery of my fortune. Steinhardt sophomore Jamie Kim was just as let down.

“I thought you’d see the fortune after you’re done drinking,” said Kim. “I thought it would look more magical.”

Despite this, sentiment about the taste were shared — the drink was actually good. Stern sophomore Alexis Datta described the peachy, beachy drink as something she would get again.

“[The Crystal Ball Frappuccino] is very beautiful,” said Datta. “It’s similar to their [sic] Vanilla Bean Frappuccino but with a peachy whipped cream.”

The drink could be a bit off-putting at first, just based on the color and the name. But at the end of the day, it’s a fun frappuccino that claims to predict the future with candy gems —  predictions that are also all optimistic. Even buying into the new craze behind the colorful frappuccino brings about nostalgia from those middle school hangouts around Starbucks after school chugging these sugary concoctions. Maybe we should take a cue from Starbucks and ditch the black coffee to indulge in some sugary goodness.

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