Staff Rants: March 13-March 20

WSN Staff

Every Tuesday our staff has something to say about NYU, food and the angsty lives of students. After a week of spring break, our staff is back and ready to complain.

On Kimmel’s Pasta (or Lack Thereof):

When I walked into The Marketplace at Kimmel at the beginning of this semester, I was shocked and confused at the lack of something once so integral to my daily life — the pasta bar. Fall semester, healthy eating was made so simple for me. Three to four times a week, I would walk to the back of the dining hall where they always had pasta, veggies and meat. It was a balanced diet, and I was thriving. One day, without any warning, the healthy and delicious options were ripped from my life, and I don’t know how to feel. That area of the dining hall has been replaced with a random, inconsistent assortment of foods, and I honestly felt attacked. I can no longer plan my day around eating the best pasta on campus; in fact, NYU has a notable lack of (fully-cooked) pasta in all of its dining halls. This has taken a toll on every part of my life, and I don’t know what to do with myself. I BEG YOU, NYU. BRING BACK THE PASTA BAR.

— Sakshi Venkatraman, News Editor


On NYU Drying Machines:

Maybe this is something trivial to be worried about, but I can’t stand the fact that the drying machines in my residence hall never seem to do the trick in just one cycle. This would be fine if I paid, like, a quarter or 50 cents to do a load of laundry, but I use a dollar to wash my clothes and another dollar to dry them — on top of the $70,000 I shell out to NYU every year. I just wish that at least some of my tuition money went toward functioning machinery that I legitimately need to live hygienically.

— Natasha Roy, Managing Editor-at-Large


On Biking in New York City:

This year, as a wise and physically strong sophomore, I made the executive decision to choose a dorm that is not exactly convenient. Gramercy Green Residence Hall, despite its palatial interior, is around one mile away from Washington Square Park, which is fairly challenging for me considering my slew of 8 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. classes this semester. To save my legs and preserve my low level of fitness, I bought a bicycle off Craigslist that I was planning to ride to school. However, I came across a huge problem: riding bikes in New York City is incredibly dangerous and terrifying. I’m too afraid to ride my bicycle to class, so now it just sits in my apartment, judging me for being such a coward. It’s a daily reminder of my weakness. I say we remove all of the cars and make New York City a bike-friendly zone, or at least throw in a few more bike lanes for those of us who don’t want to die in a horrible road accident.

— Jemima McEvoy, Editor-in-Chief


On NYU Room Keys:

I don’t understand why we have room keys and student IDs when we could just combine the two. Tandon is over there making robotic fish; meanwhile, I still have to use a small, grooved slab of metal to get into my dorm room. Literally everything else at NYU utilizes our student IDs, including our meals, events and building access, so why can’t I conveniently tap to unlock my door? It’s cheaper to replace our student IDs than it is to get a new key, and in an age of magic plastic, we know how to keep track of them –– or most of us do anyways. Our generation is one that values efficiency and practicality. Seriously, we love multipurpose products. Just look at the spork! It’s time we catch up with all the hotels and improve our tech at NYU. We certainly pay enough for it.

— Tyler Crews, Opinion Editor


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