WSN’s Guide to Sleeping on Campus

A student sleeping on the floor in the fifth floor lounge in Bobst.


Being a college student means knowing how to skim readings, manage your time and — maybe most importantly — nap on command. The demands of classes, internships and various clubs can take a toll on anyone, so WSN compiled a guide of the best snooze spots on campus.

Map of best sleeping spots on campus.

Tony Wu

Tisch Hall


Located inside the Stern School of Business, Tisch Hall is ideal for a midday knock out. Stern first-year Francesca Dimitrakis said she likes the convenience of the location.

“I like to nap in the upper concourse lounge in Tisch Hall because there’s a long couch, and it’s usually quiet and not crowded,” Dimitrakis said. “It’s also convenient since all my classes are there, so I don’t have to leave.”

It’s a daily grind for the Business and Finance majors at NYU, but that’s all the more reason for them to slow down. After all, even CEOs need their rest.

Lipton Commuter Lounge

Best known for its cookies and recent dining disasters, Lipton Residence Hall can handle lethargy. It has a quiet and peaceful downstairs area filled with couches and comfy chairs.

Students can take a quick nap before a class in the Washington Square Park area or take advantage of this lounge for a post-lunch siesta.

Alumni Hall and Other Near-Campus Dorms

Some students are lucky enough to live right on campus and catnap in their own rooms. That may not apply to you, but you might have a great friend who is willing to lend you their bed, which is the case for Tisch sophomore Simone St Pierre.

“I really love to nap in my friend’s bed at Alumni [Residence Hall],” St Pierre said. “She is very kind and leaves her door unlocked, so if I have an hour before class or just need some solid horizontal time before grinding at [the Elmer Holmes Bobst library], it truly is the spot.”

With midterm season coming up, it might be a good time to find a room of rest.

Classrooms under NYU Starbucks at Faye’s

This is my personal favorite place to doze off, so let’s keep it between you and me. The basement of Starbucks at Faye’s is one of the coziest atmospheres on campus.

Because it’s one floor underground and there are only a handful of classrooms, it’s my go-to slumber chamber. There are long benches where you can stretch out — though you might want a coat or backpack to cushion your head.

It still takes the silver medal because once you’re recharged, a hot cup of Starbucks coffee is only a flight of stairs away.

Bobst Library

The Big Kahuna, the holy Mecca of resting places — our number one spot is the library. The epicenter of student life, Bobst is where NYU students go to study, stress cry and sleep.

It’s 12 stories high, and according to NYU, receives 10,000 visits per day. While many visits are surely for study sessions, I wouldn’t be surprised if a good chunk were for sleeping too.

When it comes to Bobst, it seems that the higher you go, the quieter it gets. If you need a little ambient noise to fall asleep, try the carpeted area to the right of the main entrance. This section is well lit, but you can doze off to the sound of footsteps and casual conversation.

If you’re looking for true silence, the 10th floor is the place to be. It’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Additionally, you get to doze off to spectacular sights of skyscrapers.


A version of this article appeared in the Monday, March 5 print edition. Email Laura Rubio at [email protected]




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