Jewels for Men


Stella Ahn

A male NYU student wears jewelry to compliment their daily outfit

By Christopher Collado, Contributing Writer

Conventionally, companies market jewelry significantly more toward women than to men. Our culture is ingrained with images of men proposing with rings and ads branded with “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” We presume only women wear jewelry. Although the jewelry market is more popular with female audiences, men buy into the market as well. Though men’s jewelry is often overlooked, it is still an essential part of menswear and an easy way to spice up a simple outfit.

Plenty of brands offer men’s and unisex jewelry collections. One of the biggest jewelers, Kay Jewelers, has a variety of men’s jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and watches. Another popular brand, Pandora, does not categorize their jewelry by gender. Even Kanye West recently released a unisex jewelry line with several different rings and necklaces with allusions to religious figures.

For those who want to accessorize with jewelry, affordable options include retailers such as ASOS, Topman, Guess and other department stores. If you search hard enough, the world of men’s jewelry is plentiful — however, it is important to note that not all jewelry is created the same. Keep in mind affordable options might not be the best quality.

When you walk into a jewelry store or department store, you might become overwhelmed with its selection. But don’t buy into all of it because less is always more when it comes to jewelry.

Adorning your hands with seven rings, your neck with three necklaces and your wrists with four bracelets cannot only be overbearing but heavy. If your outfit is on the bolder side featuring prints, try to limit the amount of jewelry to prevent any busyness in one outfit. Furthermore, another helpful tip to consider is color coordination. Wearing jewelry that complements the color of your clothes will make the both the clothes and jewelry stand out.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to wear jewelry intended for women. Jewelry is universal and can be worn by anyone. You should buy and wear apparel that’s true to your style — not being deterred by gender labels.

Jewelry is just as diverse in options as any article of clothing. From crystals to leather to plastic, there are many options of jewelry style to suit everyone’s needs. While jewelry still champions womenswear, there is a myriad options for men as well. So, for regardless of where one lands on the gender spectrum, one ought to invest in jewelry to take their outfits to the next level.

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