Aramark, Hamilton Address Students in Fallout of Black History Month Meal

Downstein Dining Hall, home to '90s and early 2000's throwback songs. (Photo by Echo Chen)

NYU President Andrew Hamilton sent an email to the NYU community this evening addressing the Black History Month meal served in Weinstein Passport Dining Hall last Tuesday. In the email, he shared a letter from an Aramark executive saying that the company would implement “cultural competency training” for all of its NYU employees.

Hamilton said NYU would consider other possible food service providers when Aramark’s contract expires in August. In making the decision, Hamilton said student’s input would be considered and that the students who questioned the meal were right to do so.

“Some students of African descent who saw the meal took to social media to express their concern; their posts went viral,” Hamilton’s email read. “A backlash has followed, with insults and threats aimed at the students. But, the fact is, the students who brought to light the insensitive and thoughtless drink offerings had every right to question how they came to be served.”

Hamilton also shared a letter from Victor Crawford, one of Aramark’s chief operating officers, confirming that two managers acted on their own in planning the menu.


“They did not consult with Aramark, with NYU, or with any student or other groups at NYU, and acted against the instructions Aramark had issued,” Crawford said in the letter. “The inclusion of watermelon-infused water among the offerings, with its clear history of negative stereotyping and connotation vis a vis the African American community, was particularly egregious and offensive.”

Crawford also confirmed that Aramark fired the two managers on their own without input from NYU or NYU students.

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  1. We have become a nation of sissies…..based on divide and conquer agendas..all to keep us fighting with one another instead of going after the criminals at the top who are robbing us all blind every day and pulling the wool over the populace’s eyes through staged shootings, manufactured terrorism, wars based on lies, a media that is nothing but liars,banksters creating money out of thin air, banksters stealing homes w/the aid of forged documents,…. and now young people who are offended over ridiculous things like types of food. Skin color means nothing and just because certain foods were on the menu for black history month does not mean it was “racially insensitive”. In fact, I have a family member who works in the food industry and the cook at the establishment, who is an African American, asked if he could make collard greens and black eyed peas for the menu to celebrate it. Who knows, maybe this too is just another divide and conquer psyop….nothing would surprise me as we live in the land of liars and the majority remain in a deep slumber focusing on the wrong things worth fighting for.


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