Exposure | Buenos Aires

Laura Shkouratoff, Abroad Creative Director

As a result of colonialism, South America is a continent dotted with European architecture and influence, and Buenos Aires holds itself at the heart of this structural theme. The city is a wondrous fusion of European-style buildings – heavily Spanish, Italian, and French– with a life of its own that sprouts from it, from colorful markets to street art on every corner. Buenos Aires’ colonial past, as well as its push from it, makes for an incredibly diverse world of greenery and color with old, elegant buildings adding a beautiful touch. Tall, shady trees line every street to block out the summer sun, and afternoons are made for parks as visitors sip mate on colorful blankets and let their dogs run through the grass. The best part? Laying back in a hammock between two trees or on a beach in Uruguay as all your friends in the Northern hemisphere complain about the snow.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Feb. 26 print edition. Email Laura Shkouratoff at [email protected].