Online Deals for NYU Students

NYU provides students with a number of online resources, including campus cable from Philo.

With ginormous bills from NYU looming over our heads, there is no excuse not to be thrifty in every way possible. Just attending this university comes with a number of benefits that most students aren’t aware of. In addition to physical perks such as free access to some of the most famous museums in New York, there are plenty of online deals available for NYU students. Here are some of the best money-savers that students shouldn’t miss out on.

Campus Cable

This is a perk that many are aware of, but few use. Campus Cable, a private multi-channel digital broadcast platform, provides access to over 50 channels, including Cartoon Network, Freeform and CNN. If you have a TV, you can connect it directly to a dorm room’s in-room wall plate with a coaxial cord. However, if you don’t have a TV — or live in the dorms — you can use Philo, a service that allows you to watch and record live TV on your laptop or mobile device at no cost. Beware: Philo only works when connected to NYU wifi. Have fun procrastinating.

HBO Go and Max Go


Students living in qualified on-campus housing have free access to HBO GO and MAX GO streaming services, which allows you to binge all the HBO TV shows and critically acclaimed movies your heart desires. The best thing about this perk is that you can use Campus Cable to access both services. Watch one of HBO’s newest original series “The Deuce,” which is based in New York and stars NYU alum James Franco. One of the main characters is even an NYU dropout.

Ticket Central

From Broadway to the Skirball Center for Performing Arts, NYU offers students incredible deals for tickets to all kinds of shows. You also can also buy tickets to campus events, all through the online portal. Watch anything from Phantom of the Opera to the Spongebob Squarepants Musical at a steal of a price.


As a student, you can get a free six-month Amazon Prime free trial when you sign-up with your NYU email. Perks include free two-day shipping and exclusive college deals on items like textbooks. After the trial, Prime Student is only less than $7 per month, which is a deal compared to the regular monthly price of $12.99.

Music Services

Apple Music and Spotify Premium both offer $5 per month prices for students. Spotify has a great deal that offers both Premium services and a Hulu subscription for the same $5 monthly cost.

Online Publications

Many newspapers and magazines offer online subscriptions at discounted prices for students. The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal have the most enticing offers at $1 per week, but many other newspapers, like The Economist also have wonderful deals for students. Enrich yourself with knowledge.

There is a whole world of life-saving deals for those blessed with an email address that ends in .edu, and NYU students should fully take advantage of them.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Feb. 26 print edition. Email Jendayi Omowale at [email protected]



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