Save Money on These Spring Break Trips



Myrtle Beach, a popular and affordable spring break destination for NYU students.

Beth Sattur, Contributing Writer

With NYU’s spring break coming up on March 12, everyone is wondering where to go to relax for the week. You will probably have to start planning soon, so here are some of the cheapest destinations for spring break.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is both warm and convenient to get to, with flights starting at $79 for a round-trip ticket. The hotels also start at $33 a night, which makes a week-long stay feasible. There are plenty of nightlife and party scenes, as well as multiple attractions, such as water parks and the Maritime Museum, but of course, there is nothing as fun as spending an inexpensive day relaxing on the beach.

Daytona, Florida is another super inexpensive place to go. The weather stays in the 80s beginning in March. Flights to Daytona start at around $213 and this is the most direct way to get there. The hotels start at $99 per night, and the room fits two people, so it can be split between friends. Airbnb also has some places that start at $20 a night and is always worth looking into for a cheaper way to vacation. From the Daytona International Speedway to the Daytona Lagoon waterpark, there are plenty of attractions besides the 23 miles of beautiful coastline.

Cancun, Mexico is not only popular among NYU students but also very affordable for an international trip. The flight starts at $345 for a round-trip, but the flights, particularly non-stop ones, can be $600 or more. The Airbnbs for Cancun start at $16 a night for a private room, and there are two public beaches that tourists can access. From swimming with dolphins to zip lining to the Chichen Itza tour, there are numerous things to see and do in Cancun.

No matter where you go for vacation, remember to plan ahead to get the best deals and make sure there are still availabilities, particularly for Airbnb. When looking to book transportation, Kayak is a useful resource that will show you when plane tickets are cheapest for that region. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a staycation in New York and visiting Coney Island or going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or even going home to your family.


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