Pedro Cañas Dives into Unknown with New EP


Pedro Cañas

Cover of Pedro Cañas’ new EP “Just You”

Connor Gatesman, Music Editor

Pedro Cañas is out with a new EP titled, “Just You.” A sophomore studying music business in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, Cañas has been crafting his sound for several years now. His latest effort is proof of this. The song, “Just You” comprises the whole EP in the form of the original mix accompanied by a slew of remixes. The standalone track is easily Cañas’s best tune to date. It propels forward with a Deadmau5 meets the tropics kind of flair that can be both lofty and hard hitting. The respectably tempered drop features infectiously clangy percussion coupled with a deftly tuned bass line that’s simultaneously catchy and creative.

The second rendition of “Just You” is a rap mix. It features the lyrical talent of Steinhardt music technology junior Nik Aji who goes by the stage name Charger. While the core structure of the song is essentially the same, Charger’s aggressive and punctual flow melds perfectly with the brooding nature of the tune. The rapper is right at home on this track. After his first verse and a brief instrumental interlude, he comes back with more energetic bars that flow just as well as the ones before. Both the producer and rapper are doing what they do best on this track it’s a natural collaboration that is just as intense as it is effortless.

The next two and final tracks are both remixes of “Just You,” and both are memorable in their own way. The first is a remix by PICO, a Monterrey electronic moombahton artist and a Stanford University freshman studying computer science. Starting off with a faint vocal sample, the groovy tune is filled with warm keyboard tones and crisp percussion. The mix is impressive, with sounds enveloping the listener from all sides. It’s a contemplative and melodic remix that fits well with the EP.

The last remix is by Canollegra, an NYU Abu Dhabi senior majoring in music and minoring in theater. Almost an entirely different song altogether, the ominously composed track is filled with atmospheric accents and is strung together with eerie dialogue. The core melody of “Just You” floats through the track. Canollegra’s focus on field recording shines here, with the sounds of insects, bells and streams of water permeating the tune. This left field endeavor is both haunting and beautiful.

The only main fault to be found with this EP is that it’s less of an EP and more of a single. “Just You” is technically the only original track on the project, and more songs would definitely have been ideal to fit the expectations that come with an extended play. That being said, this is not really an issue considering the consistent quality found on the project. The tune’s melodic structure and atmospheric tone is instantly recognizable; it bodes well for an artist who shows no signs of slowing down.

You can find “Just You” on all major streaming services.

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