Staff Recs: Best TV Friend Groups


A still of the friend group of “That’s So Raven”.

In honor of Galentine’s Day passing and the Trader Joe’s wine bottles that followed, the WSN Staff compiled a list of our favorite friend groups on television. From the juvenile antics of Raven Baxter and company to profane brunch dates with Carrie Bradshaw, this list represents a collective of strong support systems and safety nets that are more concerned with friendship over fiances and cocktails over … you get the point.

“Sex and the City”

Natalie Whalen, Film Editor

Say what you will about the problematic “Sex and the City” crew, but the four independent women who make up the show’s core cast have each other’s backs no matter what. No matter what you need in a friend, one of them is sure to suit your needs: Samantha is great for bedroom-related tips and tricks, Charlotte for unrelenting optimism, Miranda for necessary realism and Carrie for a shoulder to cry on. Plus, they’re all rich and fabulous, so I bet the girls would pick up the brunch tab more often than not. And Carrie’s closet? Who wouldn’t love to borrow from there?


Connor Gatesman, Music Editor

Seinfeld has sat at the throne of the sitcom genre since its inception in 1989 for good reason. Never has a show perfectly melded a cast of memorable friends like Larry David did with Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George. Each character’s unique brand of neurotic narcissism plays off the other in a hilarious concerto of misfortune and happenstance. At first, the show might seem to some like just a surface level sitcom, but each character was ingeniously and naturally developed over the course of the show into unforgettable personalities that seem more real than should be possible. It might go without saying, but the acting might of Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards and Jason Alexander is consistently amazing across the nine season span in which the show ran. It’s hard to believe that people dubbed Seinfeld a show about nothing, when there’s so much substance episode after episode.

“That’s So Raven”

Ryan Mikel, Arts Editor

Raven Baxter is no ordinary teenager, but her friend group totally is. Raven, Chelsea and Eddie were, for many, an introduction to friendship and all of its complexities. From homeroom crushes to evil babysitters to Boyz N Motion heartthrobs, the focal trio encounter both otherworldly and everyday obstacles. Despite the supernatural, the friends’ actions and reactions are sincere and of this earth, and for any child worried over fitting in, Raven and company prove that standing out is always in fashion. Oh snap!

“Brooklyn 99”

Anubhuti Kumar, Highlighter Editor

The characters running around the offices of police precinct 99 in Brooklyn, fighting crime and solving cases are THE best friend group on television today. Why? The ringleader of the group, Detective Jake Peralta is goofy but brilliant. Kind but immature. Every single character in this group is extreme so Jake seems the most balanced but his extreme humor lies in his slapstick actions. His best man Boyle is hilariously obsessed with Jake but also has his own personality as a foodie and father. Rosa is threatening and unapproachable but always there for her friends. And Amy. Type A and proud of it, she uses her extreme organization to optimize all her friends lives. These coworkers are the best of friends and revel in each other’s quirks and the shenanigans that emerge. That endless joy in in the face of very real problems (i.e. murder, prison, love and grand theft auto) makes them the best friend group ever.


Alejandro Villa Vásquez, Deputy Copy Chief

Hailing from one of Netflix’s most thrilling animes, “Kakegurui,” Yumeko Jabami, Mary Saotome and Kirari Momobami make the hottest trio since “Charlie’s Angels.” You thought high school was hard? Try matriculating in one of the most prestigious academies in all of Japan, where the children of the rich and powerful learn the tactics of politics and manipulation (the two go hand-in-hand, don’t they?) through gambling in high-stakes competitions. From pageant matches with $500,000 at stake to revamped Russian roulette, these gals are willing to risk it all and fight it out with mental prowess, and a little madness to spare.

“That ‘70s Show”

Natasha Roy, Editor-at-Large

Listen, “That ‘70s Show” had its problems –– what show from the ‘90s didn’t? –– but one of the show’s redeeming qualities is found in the friendship among Donna, Jackie, Kelso, Hyde, Eric and Fez. Every high school friend group can see a little bit of itself in this dynamic group, from hitching rides from the first friend to get a car to always hanging out in one friend’s basement (thanks for that, Conner) and even going to prom together. The “That ‘70s Show” gang is always making fun of each other, but they’re also honest, sincere and always there for each other. Even when Jackie’s being a pill and Hyde is being pretentious, they accept everyone in the group for who they are — even if they have to take each other down a few pegs sometimes.

“Gilmore Girls”

Tyler Crews, Opinion Editor

The multigenerational, all-female friendship between Rory, Lane, Lorelai, Sookie and Emily in “Gilmore Girls” often goes unnoticed, however this girl gang is iconic. Many people may not immediately identify this as a friend group, but I feel like the relationship between these women is something to strive toward. Friends should be so close that they are considered family, and your family should be your friends. While these women may have their falling outs, they always make it through because their friendship is unbreakable. They may hate each other sometimes, but they are always there for one another in the end and that’s the sign of true friendship.

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