Not All Tiny Sunglasses Are Created Equal


Sam Cheng

A Third North resident wears the tiny sunglasses trend.

Amanda Burkett, Violet Vision Editor

Tiny sunglasses may not cover your whole eye, but at least they’re stylish. They are just the right balance between dorky and charming and diluting the seriousness of the fashion industry. Although the revival of smaller frames is greatly welcomed, not all tiny sunglasses are created equal. All pairs are often crowded under the same umbrella, but there are two distinct styles to the trend.

First, the futuristic. This style deviates from the traditional small frames because it is plastic, more angular and elongated on the sides. These glasses were made popular in large part due to celebrities like Kendall Jenner, the Hadid sisters and Selena Gomez — all of whom have been photographed in their tiny frames. The Jenner sisters even released a pair of futuristic style sunglasses under their brand KENDALL + KYLIE. Le Specs is a popular brand for this style as well; it is most famous for its ‘Last Lolita’ cat eye glasses. Because of the slippery nature of outlandish trends, exact pairs of glasses are copied from celebrities and are spread all over the internet. Copying one style of sunglasses diminishes originality and saturates the market. The trends like this are often thrown away after being overdone. Whereas sunglasses are traditionally worn as an accessory or accent, these sunglasses are attention seeking — they are worn as a focal point. This makes it easy for people to throw on a pair of futuristic glasses and claim to be stylish, when it’s obvious that little thought or style is involved. There are a number of perks to this futuristic accessory, but a few drawbacks are that everyone will likely be wearing the same look as you and that these sunglasses probably won’t remain popular forever.

Although the hottest celebrities are sporting the futuristic style, I definitely prefer the classic throwback style. These sunglasses are usually round and colorless. They have thin metal frames that are effortless and cool, consider them a homage to John Lennon’s classic look. Instead of being overtly outlandish and attention-seeking, the casual vibe is captured authentically by the geek-chic silhouette. Celebrities have rocked this style ever since its conception. My favorite photo is the matching set of the glasses on ’90s Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow. In addition, Bella Hadid and Kourtney Kardashian have been seen wearing the ‘Black Doris’ frames from Roberi & Fraud, a modern brand’s take on the classic style. These glasses are truly timeless and flattering in a surprisingly charming way.


A version of this article appeared in the Feb. 12 print edition. Email Amanda Burkett at [email protected].