Move Over Matte, Dewy Skin Is In

Milk Makeup offers foundations and creams for the new dewy makeup trend.

With the rising popularity of skincare and makeup brands like Glossier, dewy looks are becoming more popular in the beauty industry.

Korean beauty brands are seeping into the states — everywhere from high end department stores like Barneys New York to more affordable locations like CVS and Target. The rise in K-Beauty isn’t just bringing sheet masks and exfoliants made from extracts you’ve never heard of — it’s changing the relationship between makeup and skincare. Beauty campaigns now emphasize so-called natural makeup looks. As a result, more people opt for a fresher, more youthful look through dewy skin. The key to making it work: focus more heavily on what you feed your skin as opposed to what you cover it up with.

If you’re searching for brands that aim to bring out your brightest, healthiest skin, Glossier has you covered. Since the brand’s beginning in 2010, Glossier massive billboards and online campaigns preach their motto, “Skin first. Makeup second.” A quick click to its about section online and you’ll discover Glossier states “glowy, dewy skin is our thing.” Glossier offers a range of skincare products to help you achieve your best, freshest look.

Start off with their famous Milky Jelly Cleanser for a smooth and refreshed base, then try out their Priming Moisturizer to prep for the rest of your makeup. It’s worth a visit to the company’s website or its location bordering Chinatown, to find what products would work best for you. If you already have a skincare routine that works for you, then consider Glossier’s makeup selection. The collection is minimal in products and coverage, again emphasizing natural beauty. The ‘Haloscope’ highlighting stick, known as a dew effect highlighter gives you the perfect dewy glow without being overpowering. For a five minute makeup look, pair moisturizer with Haloscope and put a light coat of mascara on, and you’ve nailed the natural look.


Milk Makeup is another great brand that, just like Glossier, is based in New York. Milk is committed to creating cruelty-free products made with ingredients like hydrating jojoba, coconut, orange peel and grape seed oils. Milk cuts down the ingredient list on all its products to curate a beauty line for anyone searching for skincare or makeup that leaves them with a refreshed, dewy, effortless look.

Consider trying Milk’s new Luminous Blur Stick, an oil-free primer designed to leave skin luminous without crossing into oil-slick territory. Another great product, Milk’s Highlighter stick, is similar to Glossier’s Haloscope. A couple swipes of this over the cheekbones provides an effortless natural glow.

Many other brands have bought into the fresh face hype and have come out with products to cater to the trend. NYX’s Honey ‘Dew Me Up’ Skin Serum and primer helps keep your skin glowing all day. If you’re looking for an affordable base that will help keep your skin luminous while still providing coverage, consider Maybelline’s Fit Me Dewy and Smooth Foundation for only $8. Instead of constantly worrying about blotting away all of your skin’s natural oils, embrace the youthful glow.

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