Treat Yourself: Monthly Subscription Boxes


Veronica Liow

Birchbox flagship store in SoHo. Subscribers to Birchbox receive monthly personalized beauty boxes filled with sample skin and makeup products.

By Beth Sattur, Contributing Writer

For students, receiving a notification that there is a package waiting in the Resource Center is one of the best feelings in the world. So why not send yourself something every month? Monthly subscription boxes are fun and useful. They will consistently give you something to look forward to. Here are some of the best student-friendly boxes on the internet.

The most popular kinds of subscription boxes are beauty boxes. For those who want to experiment with different skin and makeup products, Birchbox is the best option. The monthly plan starts as low as $10 per month with 15 percent off your first purchase and free shipping. What makes Birchbox unique is how it is tailored to each individual subscriber. When you subscribe, you have the option to answer questions about your skin and hair texture, as well as what products you’re specifically looking for. Birchbox sends small, sample-sized makeup, hair and skin products — for both women and men.

Another incredibly helpful box is Bonjour Jolie, which is a monthly menstruation kit. Bonjour Jolie offers boxes for both women and men who menstruate, those who have just started menstruating, gender fluid people, people with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and even a box for those who just want to enjoy the snacks. This box is $16 per month and includes 20 menstrual products, a secret handmade gift, tea and other drinks, Advil, wipes, soothing bath items, and artisanal snacks. The box can be adjusted to fit dietary needs with vegan, gluten-free, halal, kosher and many other options. For students, this is quite the steal, especially considering how expensive menstrual products are these days.

A different option for music lovers out there is the Record of the Month from Vinyl Me Please. This monthly box is $29 a month and contains a vinyl record, an art print inspired by the music and a cocktail recipe to go along with the record every month. The number of products you receive increases if you pay for three months or the whole year. This is a great way to discover new music and add to your record collection.

And finally, for those who love to cook: Blue Apron. Starting at $9.99 per serving, you can choose from the company’s menu of meals designed by professional chefs and have the ingredients and instructions mailed directly to your door. Blue Apron’s mission seeks to build a better, more sustainable food system, and true to that statement, its ingredients are locally sourced, with sustainable seafood, non-antibiotic meat, non-GMO ingredients and fresh fruit and vegetables from one of the 150 local farms it partners with. Blue Apron also reduces food waste in America by delivering the exact portions you need for your meals.

There’s a subscription box out there for everyone. From practical boxes like Bonjour Jolie to fun ones like Vinyl Me Please, students should definitely take advantage of these services.


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