Allah-Las Turns Brooklyn Steel into California Gold


Audrey Lee, Contributing Writer

American rock band Allah-Las took the Brooklyn Steel on a journey far away from New York, last Saturday, with a set consisting of their third album “Calico Review” and recent EP “Covers #1.”

Formed in 2008 in Los Angeles, the band features Miles Michaud on vocals and guitar, Pedrum Siadatian on lead guitar, Spencer Dunham on bass and Matthew Correia on drums.

The group has since grown into a sound of its own while still staying true to its original California psych-folk sound. “Calico Review,” the group’s third studio album, reveals major maturation in the band’s ability to restrain. The release also serves as a testament to the collective songwriting skills and versatility of the band members, as highlighted by lead vocals from Siadatian and Correia.

New York-based musician Sam Evian opened the show with a sound at the intersection of analog and digital, old and new.

Cut Worms — a musical act named after a term from William Blake’s “Proverbs of Hell” — followed Evian to slow things down a bit. Despite the change in tone, Cut Worms proved to sound just as good live as in recordings. Max Clarke, the singer songwriter behind the alias, ended his set solo with song “Like Going Down Sideways.”

Finally, as Allah-Las took the stage, the crowd became giddy. Lights from every direction switching between red, green and purple descended upon the band as it opened with its first song. Designs comparable to the album’s cover and visual aesthetic framed band members.

A plethora of phones emerged during “Sandy,” a track from their first self-titled album, which by the sea of glowing screens indicated a clear crowd favorite. By the time it came to the cover of “Fish on the Sand,” everyone was swaying or dancing, entranced by the freeing and hazy feelings produced by the band.

It is almost as though the concert turned into a road trip out West with the band’s California roots. When the show ended, everyone woke up from their summer trance from the intoxicating Allah-Las.

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