NYU Does Not Track Suicides

Although NYU does not record annual student suicide statistics, a WSN investigation discovered 15 confirmed cases since 1990.


  1. When I was an NYU student, I reported to the Wellness Exchange staff that one of their staff, a medical Nurse Practitioner, seemed mentally unwell and spoke of suicide. They ignored me, scoffed at me, smirked at me, implied that I was the crazy one, writing in my medical records that I am suicidal – at the end of the semester, the NP took his own life. His Obituary was published in the NYTimes.com. When I pointed this out to the WE, they completely ignored it and covered it up, going as far as to claim he was not dead, when several R.N’s pointed out he in fact was and took his own life. The WE was completely negligent. I would love to see an article printed about this story, instead of the usual fluff printed here.

    Beckman is lying – the number is WAY higher than 16. At least 5-7 students suicide each year. At the end of the semester, the University publishes a document called “In Memoriam” which lists all of the students, staff, faculty who died. Many are suicides. You can simply Google the names to see their obits. The NP was on this list.


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