Cats vs. Dogs: The Debate

Ryan Mikel and Emily Conklin

We’re all familiar with debates over this vs. that, from favorite soda brand — Coke or Pepsi? — to the perceived colors of that optically confusing dress. But no feud has quite divided households as ferociously as the ultimate question –– cats or dogs?

With New York City apartments averaging less than 900 square feet, even the most ardent dog lovers make the choice to choose a cat as their new best friend. While no dog or cat-owning New Yorkers were immediately available to comment, NYU students offered their own two cents on the feud.

“Unless I lived in a much bigger space, I could never have my own dog and take care of it like it should be taken care of,” LS sophomore Hannah Stacks said. “Cats are definitely better for city living.”

Yet some dog lovers, like Tisch sophomore Rachel Lachaga, are willing to get creative when thinking of how to incorporate canines into their city life.

“Dogs always,” Lachaga said. “I love dogs because not only are they better companions, but a dog will force me to get outside.”

And most NYU students seem to agree.

“No matter how energetic a cat is, I don’t think they will ever play fetch with you or run to greet you at the door the way a dog would,” LS sophomore Toni Melhado said. “Definitely dogs.”

Not every student, however, sees the two species as opposing parallels or foes. Ciara McMullin, a bipartisan CAS sophomore, loves both animals. But the caveat for McMullin is litter boxes.

“Both cats and dogs can be playful, energetic and loyal,” McMullin said. “But dogs don’t require a litter box.”

Many might add that, while cats –– in all their self-sufficient glory –– teach themselves to use litter boxes, dog owners must teach their canines how to be housebroken. But to counter the earlier argument about those miniscule apartments lining the city streets, you can walk your dog on the expansive landscape we’ve been given.

And if you’re too busy, that’s what Wag is for! Argument settled and case closed, NYU students have officially voted in favor of dogs over cats. Now NYU, can we get your opinion on Peet’s vs. Starbucks?

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Nov. 4 print edition. Email Ryan Mikel and Emily Conklin at [email protected]