ScreenShop Offers a Cure for Fashion Envy


Viola Mai

ScreenShop is a new application that lets users upload images and offers recommendations of where to buy the clothing in the uploaded photo.

Christopher Collado, Staff Writer

Social, broadcast and print media keep the public aware of what fashion icons and trends  are relevant. Some people look to both social media and their favorite celebrities to see what is in style. ScreenShop is a new application that lets users upload images and offers recommendations of where to buy the clothing in the uploaded photo. ScreenShop co-founder Jonathan Caras calls his app “the Shazam for fashion.”

The app is great for those interested in fashion as well as those who have fashion inspirations. ScreenShop has also received plenty of media attention, since Kim Kardashian is one of its advisors. With innovative ideas and an A-list celebrity on staff, the app has the foundation to succeed.

Creating a ScreenShop profile was very straightforward. The only thing you need to create an account and use the app is an email, password and to allow the application to have access to your photos. Once your account is created, the process to upload photos and find out where to get clothing is uncomplicated. To insert a photo or screenshot, just click the photo-adding button on the top right corner, select the photo you want to upload to the app and, once the photo is uploaded, click on the photo to see where you can buy the clothes in your uploaded photo. The app will try to get as many individual articles of clothing in the uploaded photo as possible.

The simplicity of the app is great for users. However, ScreenShop fails at its major function: telling you where you can buy the clothes in the photos. ScreenShop gives users several options for similar clothing but rarely detects where to get the exact piece. When trying the app, I uploaded several photos of both male and female celebrities and so-called social media influencers. When uploading the photos I noticed that the best thing the application did was identify where to buy shoes. In terms of shirts, shorts and pants, ScreenShop suggested diverse options from several brands of similar clothing however there would never really be a clear answer where to get the clothes in the photo. I decided to uploaded photos of myself, and the application did not tell me where I bought my own clothes.

Getting similar options is great in creating one’s own outfit. However, it is false advertisement to say ScreenShop is the Shazam for fashion. Shazam really tells you the song playing — unlike ScreenShop. The idea of ScreenShop is very creative and useful for fashion fanatics, and it has plenty of potential. Perhaps with a couple of updates the app will be phenomenal, but for now, ScreenShop does not serve its promised purpose.

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