Early 2000s Brands to Wear Today


Corey Rome

Von Dutch was an incredibly popular brand in the early 2000s, but has since faded.

Christopher Collado, Staff Writer

The 2000s were an era of bold, experimental and memorable fashion choices. Some people argue it was the worst decade for fashion, and some believe it is fashion’s most innovative period. Regardless of opinions about the fashion of the aughts, it is hard to deny that this period had iconic fashion trends and brands.

Certain brands have definitely served their time and are better left in the past: Abercrombie and Fitch, Ed Hardy, Von Dutch and G-Unit. However there are other brands that with some major revision could become popular in fashion again. Trends from the early 2000s like tracksuits, denim and chokers have made a comeback, showing how fashion is turning its focus to the style of that period.

A couple brands that could really make a comeback are Ecko Unlimited and its sister brand, Ecko Red — two successful brands from the 2000s that sold both clothing and sneakers. Ecko’s apparel was not its strength, but it was well known for its sneakers. The brand offered stylish and colorful shoes that could please anybody’s taste. Ecko did a very good job at branding as well, getting huge teen celebrities of the time such as Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens to be the faces of Ecko commercials. Sneakers have been in the spotlight of current fashion — from white leather to athletic style — giving Ecko the prime opportunity to experiment and make a comeback.

In terms of apparel, Juicy Couture is a fan-favorite that many people are desperate to see resurface. CAS Sophomore Michelle Mawere is an example of someone who would support the return of Juicy Couture.

“The aesthetic of the store was so plush and pink and it was a girl’s dream —  it was a one-stop shop to glam,” Mawere said. “The tracksuits were sported by the Kardashians and Paris Hilton and could be worn to lunch, to yoga, to the grocery store or for a calm day at home. Juicy Couture pieces made perfect gifts for Sweet 16s and Christmas. I would love to see it come back strong.”

CAS freshman Sydney Brinker is a huge fan of 2000s fashion and has strong opinions about what brands should grace the presence of the modern day.

“I think Juicy Couture should make a comeback; I still wear it,” Brinker said. “I also want True Religion and Baby Phat to make a comeback because they were really nice quality streetwear brands from the 2000s. Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers fashion line was also amazing. I loved the handbags from that line.”

It seems entirely possible that Mawere and Brinker’s wishes can come true. This past January, Kylie Jenner posted pictures of herself modeling a Vetements jumpsuit version of the Juicy Couture tracksuit. Shortly following that, in February, Urban Outfitters released a collection of Juicy Couture pieces.

As for True Religion and Baby Phat — two brands known for their
logo-heavy jeans — denim is currently a strong trend, offering plenty of space for the early-aughts brands to reclaim some clout. From flared jeans to cropped skinnies, there are plenty of styles these brands could use to mix modern trends with their 2000s flair.

The 2000s had some bad fashion trends and brands, but there were definitely some gems in the decade. With some renovation and modernization, the brands could come back in style. It will be interesting to see which brands could experience a revival and which will be left in 2000s fashion history.

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