Staff Recs: Seasonal Beverages



This week WSN staff discuss their favorite seasonal beverages like drinking hot chocolate for Christmas season.

I genuinely believe that pumpkin spice lattes are the supreme seasonal beverage. Yes, they are overhyped. Yes, they are made fun of. But what no one wants to admit is that they have earned the hype. The spice combines with the classic pumpkin flavor to produce autumn in a cup, and it’s a masterpiece every time. —Jordan Reynolds, Arts Editor

An Ode To Iced Coffee:

Oh iced coffee, how you satisfy me so

And though a hot latte could warm my hands in the snow

I mustn’t stray from my loyalty, even when it’s cold.


Though people may see your ice as a bane in the winter

I am here to tell you, you are my sole savior

Thank you for keeping your flavor intact

And making it so being cold is just a matter of fact


I hope this terrible poem conveys my love for you

Keep doing you, my cold brew boo

—Natasha Roy, Assistant Managing Editor


Peppermint mochas embody everything good about the holidays in liquid form. While some holiday drinks try to forcefully combine flavors and overpower your taste buds, like the gingerbread latte, a peppermint mocha leaves you feeling warm and satisfied. I’m a fan of hot drinks in the winter, so I recommend getting a hot peppermint mocha, however iced peppermint mochas and peppermint mocha frappes are still delicious. Being both a New Englander and a broke college student, I prefer Dunkin Donuts’ peppermint mocha. I do admit, though, Starbucks seasonal treats pair nicely with the drink. —Tyler Crews, Deputy Sports Editor

Eggnog: the most controversial drink of the holiday season. Some might call it an “acquired taste” (to quote our beloved Arts Editor). Others abhor the very sound of it and spit out a ghastly “yuck” (to quote our wrong-for-once Managing Editor). I’m a big fan, though. I’d drink it by the half gallons when I was a kid. I even remember sipping egg nog out of a bottle as wee child. For a person who doesn’t drink anything but water and the occasional coffee, I can be seen every winter drinking as much eggnog before the season ends — oh, and non-alcoholic, of course. —Pamela Jew, Copy Chief

It is officially Christmas. Therefore, we should all be drinking hot chocolate. Discard that pesky H2O from your diet; swap it out for steaming hot milk and cocoa powder. I’m not joking — breakfast, lunch and dinner, you should drink hot chocolate. Science has proven that it benefits your health, and your happiness to drink five gallons of hot chocolate a day. I do that, and so should you. —Jemima McEvoy, Managing Editor

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