Up(per East) On Your List To Visit


Alyssa Craig

The upper east side isn’t just fancy apartments. It is also the home to the Met Breuer and candy store The Sweet Shop.

Liv Chai, Staff Writer

You might be thinking: what could there possibly be to explore in the notoriously affluent and posh Upper East Side? Historically considered a no man’s land until the 20th century, the Upper East Side is now filled with a myriad of acclaimed museums and has become a highly-coveted area to live in.  

Behold the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s hipper, cooler sister — The Met Breuer. Located on Madison Avenue and 75th Street, The Met Breuer building was initially home to collections from the Whitney Museum, up until March 2016, when a collaboration between the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum introduced itself to the world as a more modern counterpart to the Met. On Nov. 15, “Edvard Munch: Between the Clock and the Bed” is opening and showcasing exclusive portraits by the Norwegian artist, including some that will be making their debuts in the United States.

It is easy to walk past Creel and Gow without a second glance, but don’t let the humble exterior deceive you. Named after Jamie Creel and former Sotheby’s expert Christopher Gow, Creel and Gow is an exquisitely curated boutique with rarities and curiosities from all around the world. From intricate corals to unique home decor pieces, the shop has a colorful spread. Displayed beautifully, the treasures within Creel and Gow will lift you from any creative rut.

Do not cross off affordable shopping in the Upper East Side too quickly because Unique Boutique located between 3rd Avenue and E 94th Street has got you covered. The thrift store’s pieces are reasonably priced and organized, so you won’t need to dig through haphazardly. And with a strip of restaurants right by, you can shop and then beeline your way to food.

If you’re looking for something more than your typical candy store, make sure to stop by The Sweet Shop. Other than their extensive selection of chocolates and candies, The Sweet Shop offers decadent doughnuts and notoriously addictive ice cream served in Chinese take-out boxes. Let your inner seven year old loose and make sure to stock up on sweets.

Neue Galerie is a museum you should definitely know about. Devoted to 20th century Austrian and German artists and is housed in building designated as a metropolitan landmark, by the New York Landmarks Commission, the art is both inside and out. Other than the art of major artists such as Gustav Klimt and Alfred Kubin, works from architects Adolf Loos and Otto Wagner are showcased. With sculptures, paintings, photographs and decorative art to name a few, Neue Galerie, (translated as “New Gallery”) will give you a new and refreshed perspective on Germanic art.

If your only exposure to the Upper East Side thus far has been through school-required Met visits or episodes of “Gossip Girl,” take time and explore the hidden gems spread throughout this iconic part of town.

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