How Not to Shiver This Winter


Sam Cheng

Scarves and coats both are fashionable items to keep warm in winter, of course, a pair of eye-catching boots is a plus.

Christopher Collado, Staff Writer

Winter in New York City is filled with holidays, snow, daylight saving time ending and, most notably, cold weather. Temperatures in New York City can even get as low as below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, which is negative 12 degrees Celsius. While the temperature in New York City can get overbearingly cold, it is possible to keep somewhat warm outdoors during such freezing weather.

Staying covered is the key to keeping warm. Though the idea that you lose most of your body heat through your head is a myth, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear a hat. Beanies, or toques as the Canadians call the, are a classic winter hat. For a unique style, why not try an aviator hat, which comes with the added benefit of through ear coverage.

Another alternative for ear coverage that will not ruin your hair is earmuffs. They come in a variety of fabrics such as cotton, fleece and fur. There are also plenty of styles, such as headbands, behind the head style and much more. If you own Beats headphones or any other brand of headphones, you can use them as an alternative to earmuffs. Earmuffs are sold by several vendors, from Amazon to Saks Fifth Avenue, giving everyone several choices on what kind of ear muffs they want to wear and how much they’re willing to pay.

Another, perhaps overlooked, winter essential is a scarf. Not the cute, flowery one you bought back in March but a thick, knitted one. Get it in black so that it will match any outfit.

A coat is an obvious winter essential; however, there are several types of designs for coats. Some popular options include pea coats, puffer coats and duffle coats. New York native and CAS sophomore Michelle Mawere said the best type of coat for winter is a parka.

“I think parkas serve its purpose of keeping people warm,” Mawere said. “I also think parkas are a classic and fashionable winter clothing that will never go out out of style. It’s a smart investment in a coat.”

Make sure to include layers on the coldest days of winter underneath the coat to really ensure warmth.

Another signature winter staple is the Timberland boot, or as New Yorkers love to call them, Timbs.

“The most essential thing someone can have during the winter in New York City are Timbs,” New York City native and CAS sophomore Lexi Harris said. “Timbs are comfortable but yet very fashionable. As well Timbs are a symbol of New York fashion.”

Timberlands provide their purpose of keeping one’s feet warm. Timberland boots are waterproof, which is great for when you run into rain and snow. Lastly, while Timberland boots are known for their classic wheat color, they also come in several different colors and styles.

As winter approaches and the temperature continues to decrease, it is important to know what winter-appropriate clothes to invest in. Buy clothes that are comfortable, good quality, provide warmth and are your style.

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