Seven Things to Remember During Class Registration

Here of the few things to plan ahead before Spring 2018 registration begins: make sure you know your enrollment date and time, you’re financially cleared, there are no holds on your account and that your shopping cart has backup classes.

There is no denying that there are several moments in a student’s college career that will cause anxiety. From the beginning of a new semester to midterms and finals season, college presents a lot of tense times. One of the most stressful times occurs every semester — class registration.

Registration will always be annoying, but there are several ways you can prepare yourself to. Since Spring 2018 class registration begins Monday, here are seven things to remember to make the experience smoother.

Plan Your Schedule Ahead of Time

To graduate, every student has to fulfill requirements to receive their diploma. It is important to look at all of the requirements you need to still complete and plan your schedule around these essential classes. Look at the day and time of each class, and put the classes that work best for your schedule in your shopping cart.

Have Backup Courses in Your Shopping Cart

During the spring semester, priority is given to those with more academic credits earned. If you are a sophomore or freshman there is a high probability that you will not get your dream schedule.

It is still possible to fulfill your requirements, but you should be flexible. For example if you are taking Spanish for Beginners to fulfill your foreign language requirement, have several of the same course in your shopping cart however have different sections at either the same time or with the same professor.

Schedule Your Advisor Meeting

For every new class registration period, students must meet up with their academic or major advisor to discuss the classes they plan on taking next semester. During these meetings, advisors will make sure you are on track for graduation as well as clear you to register. Without clearance, you won’t be able to enroll in classes at your specified time, so make the trip to your advisor’s office.


Don’t know who your advisor is? Don’t worry. You can find their name in Albert’s Student Center.

Make Sure You Are Financially Cleared

You will not be able to register for classes if you have an large balance in your bursar bill. Make sure your tuition is paid so you can register for your classes.

Know Your Registration Time

Everyone has a different time, so knowing your specific time is important. You can find it in Albert’s Student Center. Pay attention to the day and time. If you have class during your registration time, communicate with your professor that for a brief moment you will need to use your laptop, tablet or phone to register for your classes — your professor will most likely be understanding.

Constantly Check Your Class Shopping Cart During Registration Week

Being aware of the availability of your classes is incredibly important. Some classes, especially courses that fill requirements like Cultures and Contexts or Texts and Ideas, fill up very quickly so it is important to be knowledgeable of which classes are available to take.

Stay Calm

Registration can be overwhelming. There is no guarantee that you will be in the classes you want to take or need to take until you have actually registered for classes, so it is important to indulge in self care during the week as well as remember that things will most likely be alright.

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