Festive Nail Art


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Violet nail polish is never an outdated idea to emulate fall fashion.

Sophie Shaw, Beauty & Style Editor

Your closet may be confused about the unseasonably warm fall weather this year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still emulate your favorite fall fashion. Nail art offers a small way to express your personal style without making a large statement. Opt for festive fall nail art to embrace the season, even if the weather isn’t.

For novice nail painters, pick a dark, chocolatey brown shade and add a gold glitter top coat. The overlooked nail color is reemerging as a top pick for fall because it pairs well with the ‘70s-inspired fashion trends and tones like mustard yellow.

To try a more advanced and artsy look, start with a caramel or nude nail polish that makes a nice base option, offering a neutral background for autumnal nail art. Add designs of yellow, orange and red fall leaves, or opt for a metallic gold if you want a bit of shine. Use a toothpick to outline a leaf design with nail polish before filling in the leaves. Another option for a neutral base color is to recreate a plaid print with classic colors like black, white and red. For painting thin lines, use a toothpick or an eyeliner brush you are willing to sacrifice.

For a more subtle and sophisticated pop of color, try your hand at jewel-toned ombre nails. Start with a metallic base color like ruby red or midnight blue. Then use a makeup sponge to gradually apply a lighter tone on top for the ombre effect. A red base will look good with an orange or gold ombre, and a dark blue will look good with silver. The trick is to stay within the warm or cool toned color family of whichever base color you choose. This whole process can get messy around your nail bed though, so keep some Q-tips and nail polish remover nearby for easy clean-up.

If you are really feeling festive, get ready for Thanksgiving by painting a little turkey on one of your nails — it looks cuter than it sounds. Paint orange, red and brown feathers on top of a solid base coat on all of your nails. Then pick one nail to paint the brown body of a turkey with an orange beak and black and white for the eyes. Keep the shapes simple for a cute cartoon-like picture.

For all these options, don’t forget to seal the design with a clear top coat, and then you’re set for the season.

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