Take Your Pick: NYU Schools as Halloween Candy


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Steinhardt is the skittles of NYU: a colorful combination of various majors. Check here to see what kind of candy your school is!

Thomas Chou, Deputy Features Editor

Attention all NYU students: do you have a cranky sweet tooth? If so, don’t worry, because all of us here at WSN do too. Every year as the Halloween season swings back around, we once again yearn for candy like Dracula yearns for blood. We can’t help it, we’re college students after all — besides ramen or Cup Noodles and dining hall food, what else is there to eat?

At this time of year, when spooky vibes are at an all time high, we’re in luck because candy is more abundant now than ever. If you can’t seem to shake those sugary cravings and hankerings from your head, indulge in this guilt-free ranking of NYU schools as popular Halloween treats.

Stern School of Business — 100 Grand Bar

An absolute no-brainer, our famous business school would be no other than the luxurious, 100 Grand Bar. Milk chocolate full of decadent caramel and crisped rice, the name of the candy reflects the ideal starting salary for a Stern student fresh out of graduation.

Tisch School of the Arts — Take 5

Our iconic arts school would most certainly be Take 5 — the classic candy bar made of milk chocolate, pretzels, peanut butter, caramel and peanuts. Between sessions in the studio and running to auditions, sometimes even the busiest of Tisch kids need to just take five and relax.

College of Arts and Science — Twix

One of our largest undergraduate schools, CAS contains majors that attract students who are both right-brained and left-brained. As the name suggests, “Arts” and “Science” come together in this school and are packaged together, just like the scrumptious right and left Twix candy bars. Delicious chocolate over caramel and a cookie, you’ll have to pick favorite side; right or left.

Gallatin School of Individualized Study — Mystery Flavor Dum Dum Pop

Truly a wild card when it comes to NYU schools, Gallatin is the Mystery Flavor Dum Dum Pop. Legend is that it tastes different to everyone depending on where you place it on your tongue. Like the unique flavor of the candy, Gallatin is home to a variety of students studying a myriad of things, but somehow, it all comes together in the end.

Liberal Studies Program — Almond Joy

An overlooked gem, this candy — very much like the Liberal Studies Program — is not for everybody. A small mound of coconut topped with an almond then enrobed in chocolate, Almond Joy is a candy that might not look as tantalizing as others on the surface, but once tasted, is absolutely irresistible.

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development — Skittles

The slogan, “Taste the rainbow,” certainly suits Steinhardt, because in this school, you’ll get a taste of majors from almost every single industry. From Media, Culture and Communications to Child Psychology, Steinhardt is a tasty mishmosh of students with all different interests and all different flavors. Eat them one at a time, or try them together, you can’t go wrong with the delicious fruity taste of Skittles.

Tandon School of Engineering — Life Savers

While the rest of us humanities-focused students agonize and write papers about dead philosophers and complex social theories, leave it to the Tandon students in Brooklyn to come up with life saving technologies that we’ll all be paying them big bucks to use in the future. Often overlooked as well, Life Savers always come in handy when you least expect it, and much like the engineering school, is a minty fresh breath of cool flavor.

College of Dentistry and Rory Meyers College of Nursing — Apple

The dental school and the nursing school would be an apple because they actually understand health. While we sit here gorging ourselves on processed sugars and syrups, leave it to the dentistry students and nursing students to hand us a piece of fruit in between. It’ll do us some good to listen to them, but will we?

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