Taco Bell Shows its Sweet Tooth


Mila Maksimovic

Taco Bell recently released the Kit Kat Chocodilla, using cut-up kit kats instead of cheese as the filling between two flour tortillas, a simple recipe that can be recreated at home.

Michael Muth, Contributing Writer

In order to distinguish themselves from the competition, fast food chains have turned to hidden menu items and wicked food concoctions. Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappuccino nearly broke the internet, McDonald’s beloved Shamrock Shake causes ice cream consumption to skyrocket in March every year and this list goes on. To add to the ever-changing world of creative food ventures, Taco Bell has created a new menu item, the Chocoladilla, which is ready to send the United States into a tailspin.

The origin story of the Chocoladilla is one of foreign lands and whimsical journeys. Taco Bell has been toying with similar concepts overseas and tried out something called the Original Chocoladilla in London. This quesadilla was another twist on the classic — a chocolate quesadilla made of melted chocolate chips between two crispy flour tortillas. However, this is America. In order to one-up our friends in the United Kingdom, select Taco Bell locations near Milwaukee, Wisconsin have unleashed the KitKat Chocoladilla. The Americanized rendition of the original Chocoladilla ditches the standard chocolate chip filling for that of chopped up pieces of KitKat candy bar. Some might call this genius and others will call this heart attack inducing, but there is only one way to figure out the truth behind this cuisine — by making one myself.

There has been no indication of an official date for when the now-infamous KitKat Chocoladilla will come to the Big Apple. All future endeavors with the $1 snack depend on its success in the Milwaukee locations.

On Oct. 24 my dorm kitchen was turned into an honorary Taco Bell kitchen where I danced with the devil — and diabetes — as I tried my hand at creating my own version of the Chocoladilla. For all those who are religiously Team Savory over Team Sweet, you might want to avert your eyes.

Find my recipe for the dorm room Chocoladilla below and try your hand at it!

Michael’s “Sweet Escape” Chocoladilla

I have a deadly sweet tooth, so I saw no other option but to try and one-up the beloved taco chain. This recipe took eight minutes to complete (clean-up time included).


– One King Size KitKat
bar, chopped

– Honey

– Cinnamon sugar (blend of equal parts ground cinnamon and granulated sugar)

– Two flour tortillas

– One tablespoon of canola oil


1. On your first tortilla, spread a light layer of honey and dust with cinnamon sugar

2. Spread the chopped KitKat bar pieces on top of the honey tortilla and top your Chocoladilla with your remaining tortilla

3. In a small or medium frying pan, coat the bottom of the pan evenly with canola oil

Transfer your Chocoladilla to the pan and cook over medium heat. Each side should take roughly one to two minutes to cook. Look for some crispy golden-brown color

Once both sides reach your desired level of toasty and the chocolate starts to ooze from the sides, remove from the pan and enjoy warm

*Optional but game-changing move: Smear some peanut butter on top

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Oct. 30 print edition. Email Michael Muth at [email protected].