A Noble Wrestle With Change

Matt Noble is this week’s standout athlete for NYU wrestling.

NYU’s wrestling team has seen much success in past years, adding more top notch players each year in the form of incoming freshmen or transfer athletes. CAS sophomore Matt Noble, who transferred from Bloomsburg University, represents the latter. Originally from Bridgewater, New Jersey, Noble has emerged as one of the best wrestlers this year.

Washington Square News: Why did you choose to transfer to NYU?

Matt Noble: I went to Bloomsburg for my freshman year, and I had a great time. I made a ton of friends and I really enjoyed the campus atmosphere. But when I got the opportunity to come to NYU, I couldn’t say no. I mean, [come on], it’s NYU. I love the city, it’s closer to home, it’s a great school, the list goes on and on.

WSN: When did you start wrestling and what do you like about the sport?


MN: I started wrestling when I was about five. I’ve always loved the individuality of the sport, but I really feel part of a team here at NYU. We have a super close-knit team of guys ready to go to war for each other on the mat.

WSN: Do you have any role models?

MN: I’ve always looked up to guys that put in the extra effort in the room. It’s hard to single out one or two people as my role models, ‘cause they change from practice to practice. I’ll see someone drilling harder than me in practice or running harder sprints, and that’ll get me amped to push myself even further.

WSN: How do you balance the intensity of wrestling season with your academics?

MN: Being a student athlete is hard, but rewarding. It’s definitely helped me get better at time management. I definitely couldn’t do it without the guys though. Guys help each other on and off the mat — we have a pretty wide range of majors on the team, so if I have questions about a subject that I’m not too familiar with, chances are there’s someone on the team that can help me better understand the material.

WSN: What’s your favorite memory from your time here thus far?

MN: We just had our alumni night, which was a blast. We had a huge turnout and a wicked reception afterwards. There was tons of food and I totally pigged out on the cannolis — but don’t tell my coach.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Oct. 30 print edition. Email Nalani Ogawa at [email protected]



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