15 Frightening Films to Stream This Halloween

Anubhuti Kumar, Highlighter Editor

Beware, Halloween is fast approaching, and in case midterms don’t provide enough of a scare, here are some frightening films to get in the spooky spirit.


  1. “Stranger Things” — While not a film, the second season of the series started streaming on Oct. 27. Its supernatural tilt, mysterious disappearances and dramatic investigations fit perfectly into the Halloween season.
  2. “Young Frankenstein” — Looking for a throwback and a lighter touch on the holiday? Young Frankenstein stars Gene Wilder and with his famous comedy chops, this movie features classic Halloween characters without the terror that usually accompanies.
  3. “Zodiac” — As star-studded as it gets, this film features Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr. and is directed by David Fincher. Watch the characters search for the Zodiac killer and maybe get the answers to some burning questions. Did they catch him? Is he still roaming the world? Does he share a name with a certain politician?
  4. “The Sixth Sense” — A classic. Spoiler alert: a kid sees dead people.
  5. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” — A departure from the typical Halloween movie, this film is for animation fans. Also, it features the best of two holidays: Halloween and Christmas, so pick this and experience the best of both worlds.



  1. “Carrie” — What is Halloween without a Stephen King movie? A horror film by the book, this bloody, supernatural story earned Oscar nominations, features John Travolta and is sure to get a frightened jump out of anyone.
  2. “Blair Witch” — Shot in the style of found footage, it is impossible not to be sucked into the supernatural world of the movie and feel the horror of the season.
  3. “Colossal” — Starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis, this is yet another supernatural offering a touch of humor. It follows Hathaway’s character, an alcoholic, as she discovers she is somehow in control of a monster destroying Seoul, South Korea.
  4. “Little Shop of Horrors” — A musical? With horror? And comedy? This has a bit of it all and therefore something for every NYU student to enjoy.
  5. “Godzilla” — Hulu has this and just about every other Godzilla movie, so if monster movies is the mood, Hulu is the go-to.



  1. “The Purge: Election Year” — The latest installment in the franchise, this is appropriate for two approaching dates that both instill fear and make many hearts sink.
  2. “The Blair Witch Project” — The original film to make found footage popular, take a trip into some creepy woods with a mysterious monster that makes the concrete jungle look like a playground jungle gym.
  3. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” — Fun, magical and set in New York City, this movie is the perfect prescription for an innocent and wondrous Halloween, for those in a nostalgic mood.
  4. “The Conjuring” — Based on the cases of real life Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators, the first two films in the series are on HBO GO and might give skeptics a run for their money.
  5. “Scream” — Only two and three, but these a a personal favorite. Supernatural scares are fair, but nothing is scarier than a real life monster: a human murderer loose in town.

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