NYUGoneWild Nudes Snapchat Revived by Stern Senior

By Caroline Haskins, Deputy News Editor

NYUGoneWild, a Snapchat account known for distributing explicit, nude pictures submitted by NYU students, has returned from its hiatus of more than a year, according to the account owner, who identified himself as a Stern senior.

The person who runs the NYUGoneWild identified himself to WSN as a Stern senior and as the Reddit user nycgonewild.

On Oct. 23, nycgonewild posted to the NYU subreddit, r/NYU, with instructions for submitting explicit photographs and videos to the Snapchat account NYUGoneWild. According to a Reddit post by the same user, NYUGoneWild was created in Oct. 2015.

“NYUGoneWild Snapchat is back up!” the user said in his Oct. 23 post. “Anyone stressed or feeling frisky can send submissions with 100 percent anonymity.”

In a conversation via Snapchat Chat, the Stern senior running the “NYUGoneWild” account said that the account had been inactive for more than a year.

“With such few posts, I didn’t feel it was worth running,” he said. “But since it’s my last year, I thought I’d promote it one last time.”

The person said that last week, he decided to gauge people’s interest in the account by posting a Snapchat story of a penis, which he said accumulated about 600 views. The account NYUGoneWild has 667 Snapchat points, meaning that 667 Snapchats have been sent and received by that account.

“There’s demand for nudes lol,” he said. “I’m trying to get more [views]. [Six hundred views is] not a lot, but it’s there.”

The Oct. 26 Snapchat story of NYUGoneWild encouraged viewers to tell their friends about the account, forbade submissions of screenshots and showed an explicit photograph of female genitalia. The person operating NYUGoneWild could not corroborate the consensual nature of the photograph without revealing the identity of the individual who sent it. However, he said that all pictures on the account are posted consensually and are never stolen from pornography.

“I will only post things that people want me to post,” he said. “There have been girls who have only messaged me to sext. I respected that and did not post [the photographs].”


Not everyone likes the idea of NYUGoneWild. One of these people is Reddit user Conpen, who left a critical comment under the Oct. 23 r/NYU post. This user identified himself via Reddit messenger as Daniel, a sophomore in CAS.

Daniel said that although he did not add NYUGoneWild on Snapchat, he believes it would consist primarily of photographs of men, counter to the account’s likely intention.

“It’s logical to assume that the account exists to serve images submitted by women to an audience primarily consisting of men,” Daniel said. “Men can subscribe and access content with no effort, while women who submit must go through the physical effort, as well as be willing to share these intimate photos.”

The person who runs the NYUGoneWild said that his Reddit account nycgonewild was banned from the r/NYU subreddit on Oct. 26, which he said surprised him.

“I flagged my post as ‘Not Safe For Work,’” he said. “Thought that might make it OK.”

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